10 Startups that are bringing AI into the workplace

10 Startups that are bringing AI into the workplace

Artificial intelligence will continue to evolve and play a bigger role in our everyday lives, whether it’s at home or in the office. It becomes more reliable and advanced on a daily basis and soon we will wonder how we ever managed without it, which is already true in today’s day and age.

If one looks at the following list of AI startups and the futuristic ideas that are happening in the tech world, it’s fair to say that there is no shortage of intelligence – artificial or not. Have a look at this list of 10 startups who are making it their mission to bring AI into our everyday lives at the workplace and at home.

1. Kylie.ai

Kylie is your personal AI assistant who ensures that your emails are taken care of while you are busy. As soon as you get an email, she will automatically prepare a draft on your behalf and you simply need to review and send. Over time, Kylie learns how you would respond and – once you get comfortable enough with each other – you can even put her on 24/7 autopilot.

2. People.ai

People.ai gives every sales leader complete control over his sales team to achieve the ultimate goal: close more deals. It gathers information from emails, meetings, calls and more with no data entry required. It provides a complete analysis of the whole team, and even provides AI-powered feedback, suggestions and coaching.

3. Faception

Faception specializes in computer vision and machine learning technology for profiling people’s personality based only on their facial image. Faces can be analyzed via video streams, cameras or databases with a high level of accuracy, indentifying extroverts, a person with high IQ, professional poker players or even a terrorist. Turns out AI actually DO know us better then we know ourselves.

4. Zoom.ai

Zoom.ai – The OS for Your Work Day. Zoom.ai’s automated intelligent assistants will take care of your business while you attend to something more important. Communicate with your Zoom assistant via SMS, IM, Slack, Skype or email to schedule meetings, search flight details, get an Uber and more. Leave it to Zoom and get back to work. Or golf.

5. Everstring Technology

EverString is a predictive marketing solution (Saas) for marketing and sales teams. It uses data from more than 27 million companies to predict your next best customer, so that you can make full use of all your available resources to focus on the right prospects. Time is money – you need to spend it in the right way.

6. Volara

Volara is a personal digital assistant for the hospitality industry. Volara will welcome your guests to their room with a warm, personalised greeting and make sure they get everything they need – whether it’s another towel for the room, or a few suggestion for a nice restaurant where they can grab some dinner. Volara is hospitality.

7. Clarke.ai

Stop taking notes and start paying attention! Clarke.ai is a personal assistant who takes notes during your conference calls. Contact your personal assistant via phone or email and rely on Clarke.ai to capture those key points and action items. ‘It allows me to truly focus on the business conversations and outcomes of the discussion.” – Corina Lam (Chief of Staff, Global Partner Operations).

8. Shred Video

Shred will edit a professional movie from your personal clips in seconds with impressive results. Shred composes a flawless movie, combining the best bits of your footage and making sure that it syncs up with your backtrack. Create videos on iPhone or Mac, log in to your Apple TV and watch your very own awesome movie in high definition – all in a matter of minutes.

9. NeoSound

44% of US consumers switch to a competitor following a poor customer service experience, so providing a great customer service via phone is critical to retain the customers. NeoSound provides data about the mood of your customers to make the best decisions for certain customers – based on whether they’re happy, angry or upset.

10. Volley

Just point Volley at your textbook or workbook, and it starts figuring out what’s important, what’s hard, and how to help. Identify key concept – no highlighter needed. It can automatically generate quizzes and assemble customized study guides, making the studying process more dynamic and interactive.

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