Launching On Betalist – 50 Entrepreneurs Share All

How to succeed on Betalist

We asked 50 entrepreneurs to share their experiences learned after launching their startups on BetaList, the platform that helps startups acquire beta users. Here’s what they had to say: – Stats from Beta List: Total unique visits: 426 Total signups: 118 Total Confirmation: 77 A 18% conversion rate between visitors and waiting list confirmation. We still have to see how many of them convert to users.but we are not in that phase still. The timing was perfect, we were featured just a week before launch the demo and were in the trending startup section for a entire week. I guess...

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50 Startups In India You Should Get To Know

With last month’s news of Biz Stone’s entrance into the flourishing Indian entrepreneurial economy—Stone described Lookup founder Deepak Ravindran as “an amazing person and inspiring entrepreneur”—we feel compelled to document the continually rising star of the deshi startup ecosystem. With a post-Series-A epicenter in the city of Bangalore, India is attracting billions of dollars from global VC and PE firms with a keen eye on last year’s best-performing emerging market. Indeed, 2014 was a stellar year for Indian startups, as the B2C space blossomed in typical “startup hotspot” fashion, with ecommerce notables Flipkart and Snapdeal garnering 50% of the $4.9B...

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50 Amsterdam Based Startups You Should Get To Know

Top Amsterdam Startups

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, and their most populated city. As a startup hub, the city experiences an international mix, and due to its transient nature it experiences continual reinvention which is great for startups wanting to experiment with new ideas, and scrap ideas that don’t work with less fear or guilt. Amsterdam is appealing to entrepreneurs with its lack of restrictions, simple tax structure, and ease of incorporation. Innovative technologies like 3D printing have made their way there, and an emergence of data centers and cloud computing have been welcomed to the city. Here are 50 new, emerging, and...

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21 Things Startups Should Consider When Opening Their First Office

Tips for opening your first office

Opening an office is a big undertaking. Not only can it take a lot of time, money and research to find the space that’s right of you and your company, it also means a big step in moving your business forward. Whether you’re opening up your first office or moving from existing one, you can benefit from the following tips. 1. Determine your true facility needs Before you make the leap into a brick and mortar office space, take the time to really think about why you need a dedicated space along with how it will function and affect business practices. What do...

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15 Resources To Help You Build An Outbound Sales Strategy

outbound sales strategy

As of late, marketing news and blogs have been focused on the “how to’s” and benefits of inbound marketing strategies (earning customers attention and drawing them to your website by producing interesting content). Having been involved with outbound sales for close to three years now, we’ve come to learn there are three scenarios when a company needs to do more and use outbound prospecting techniques. When marketing is not producing enough leads When marketing is not producing the right kind of leads When you have clear set of target customers If any of the scenarios above describes your current business,...

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50 Boston Startups You Should Get To Know

If you couldn’t tell already from all the coffee shops, co-working spaces, and VC offices, Boston’s infrastructure screams ‘Startup Scene’. Add in top incubator programs such as TechStars and MassChallenge and it seems Boston could compete for one of the best startup hubs in the world (Facebook and Dropbox were both born there). Global giants such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Paypal, and IBM all have offices located in Boston. And with innovating machines such as Harvard and MIT centered in the city, one thing the area is definitely not lacking is top talent. A special thanks to...

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50 Berlin Startups You Should Get To Know

Berlin is attracting thousands of startups and entrepreneurs, with their “Silicon Allee” rising in popularity throughout Europe. Berlin’s lower cost of living in comparison to other European cities, and its well educated population makes it a great place for startups to launch their next big idea. Commerce 1. Bonaverde Are you a coffee fanatic? Bonaverde is the first coffee machine that convert fresh green coffee beans into cups of black coffee. The platform also has a community where users can talk to farmers that produce the beans cutting out the middlemen, and allows users to discuss favorite brews, roasting profiles,...

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15 Tips That Will Help You Find A Great Startup Co-Founder

We all know some of the famous twosomes. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and the list continues on for partners that came together that created something which changed the way we interact in the world. As much as the media likes to glorify the struggle of a single founder bringing an idea to the masses, it is much more likely you will find success if you have someone working with you. A co-founder provides more than just the extra man power, but brings their own set of expertise, a person...

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50 Hong Kong Startups You Should Get To Know

There are some exciting startups forming in Hong Kong so this week we searched high and low to bring you our list of 50 follow-worthy startups from the Hong Kong startup ecosystem. Fintech 1. Gatecoin Gate Coin is the first digital currency financial institution that builds products and services to change the way people transfer and trade money. The company aims to make international trades and cross-border money transfers of Bitcoin faster and cheaper. Gate Coin is working on consumer level exchange first, and has already sold 15,000+ prepaid debit cards which can be loaded with bitcoin and used wherever...

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13 Great Resources For Understanding How Employee Equity Works

Once you raise a seed round or generate enough money to start building your team, you’ll need to start thinking about employee equity. It’s common practice for tech startup to use stock options and equity with the promise of a financial reward down the line in order to attract amazing talent. The problem with employee equity is it’s one of the most controversial topics in the startup community as there are so many conflicting points of view. We went out to research the best resources from those who know best, which will give you a great insight into all aspects...

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