25 TED Talks that Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Ted Talks for Entrepreneurs

For years, TED has grown in leaps and bounds, generating ideas that have the potential to impact millions for the better, and bringing them to a platform that allows these ideas to not only be heard, but implemented. One of the key traits of a successful entrepreneur is continuous growth in personal development. They understand that education is a life-long, ongoing process, that is vital to stay current and relevant in an industry. This curated list of 25 TED talks for entrepreneurship is designed to assist entrepreneurs in their endeavor for continued learning, and is guaranteed to teach them something...

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50 New York Startups You Absolutely Must Know About

New York’s startup scene has had explosive growth over the course of a decade, along with a rise in venture capital for funding tech startups with a growth of startup successes in a variety of industries, unclusing Kickstarter, Etsy, Shutterstock, Tumblr, and many more. Lately, New York has seen a rise in Fintech, which plays into the cities strengths being the financial center of the world. Health tech is another trend that has taken off in New York with several health focused startup incubators popping up around the city, and Edtech continues to rise in popularity. Thanks to TechSpace, who...

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50 Las Vegas Startups You Should Get To Know – From Early Stage To Thriving

top Las Vegas startups

Most people do not think about startups when they hear the words Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City, as it’s widely called, is known for its bright lights, extravagant day and night clubs, endless casinos, and waking up the next morning wondering what happened the previous night. Despite it’s reputation, Las Vegas’s cost of living (a fraction of what you would spend in cities like San Francisco and New York), state incentives for small business, numerous co-working spaces, and it’s unique, thriving, and collaborative startup scene make it one of the upcoming tech hubs many startups are moving or considering to...

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10 VC Blogs You Should Read On A Daily Basis

Top VC Blogs To Follow

Competition for the best startups in the venture capital world is increasingly fierce. To get into the best deals, some VC’s are building brands around their firms by offering resourceful content from the lessons they are learning with their own prior experiences and from meeting with thousands of entrepreneurs and founders every year. This gives them hundreds of data points on technology and startups that can turn into helpful insights – in this case, blog content. Reading the following 10 VC blogs on a daily basis will help you with key skills not only with fundraising, but also on hiring, pricing,...

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21 Amazing Podcasts For Startup Founders

Podcasts are a great way to consume actionable insights, advice and tips on growing startups, especially while performing other tasks like commuting or cold emailing potential customers. Today, we wanted to shed some light on our favourite podcast’s focused on growth and entrepreneurship. We hope you enjoy. This Week in Startups Jason Calacanis is the founder of Inside and the Launch conference, and a legendary angel investor (Uber, Calm and AdStage). He is also the host and creator of TWiST, a weekly round of interviews and conversations with tech industry experts, founders, VCs and investors. They cover tech news, and...

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50 Austin Startups You Absolutely Must Know About

Austin is rising as a magnificent hub for tech startups. Not only is Austin host of SXSW Interactive Festival, but it has everything you need: access to money and investors, globally ranked startup accelerators, and a thriving community of entrepreneurs and mentors. Below you will find 50 Austin-based startups you definitely should know about. You’ll see some established names, but we also hunted a few hidden, up-and-coming startups that are growing like crazy. Business & Commerce 1. Cratejoy Createjoy is a platform for merchants to launch their own subscription eCommerce business. Once a Y Combinator alum (S13), they managed to...

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21 Things You Need To Check Before Going Live

Though subscription-based services are nothing new, they’re seeing a renewed rise in popularity with companies selling everything from razors to CRM software. One area that’s seen tremendous growth the past few years is the concept of subscription boxes, where customers receive a new box of goods in the mail every month. Take Birchbox for example – the company sends a box of unique makeup samples for just $10 a month to more than 800,000 subscribers. With success stories like that, more and more new companies are trying to cash in on the trend. But starting a subscription box service isn’t as simple as finding...

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50 Growth Hacking Tactics You Can Test Within 10 Minutes

While “hacking” used to have a negative connotation, in today’s give-it-to-me, and-give-it-to-me-now mentality, creating shortcuts by testing different growth hacking tactics is the fastest way to turn a profit and complete world domination. While the biohacking industry booms, growth-hacking has taken over the startup world as an aggressive, analytical way for companies to grow their website traffic and customer base. It’s not enough to grow at a steady pace, investors want to see results, and the want to see them yesterday. (And by “results” we mean “ROI”, “cash”, “da money”.) Through various simple tests, optimizations and improvements, companies can collapse...

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50 Great Remote Working Resources

We spent weeks reading hundreds of guides on remote working to compile 50 of the best resources that will help startups understand it’s never been easier to manage a distributed team. The following resources and guides will show you how, and why, you should seriously be considering remote working at your startup. Working Remotely It’s Clearly Undefined, but Telecommuting is Fast on the Rise – This New York Times article discusses the rise of the remote workforce and who is a ‘typical’ telecommuter. 10 Good Reasons Why Working Remotely Makes Sense – Ten reasons and examples why telecommuting is here...

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A Look At Spain’s Entrepreneur Visa Program

Silicon Valley might be the startup capital of the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best place to start a company. When considering taking your startup overseas, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration – starting with visa regulations. Visa offerings and regulations vary widely from country to country. Not only do all countries have different rules and procedures, but they also treat people coming in from foreign countries differently. An American citizen trying to move to the United Kingdom will have different restrictions and requirements than a citizen coming in from an European...

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