Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs Tips from 40 Startup Founders We talked with 40 startup entrepreneurs who share their most effective productivity tips. This is what they had to say. __ Not sure if it counts as a hack, but establishing a morning routine has done more for my productivity than anything else. When I get up I immediately stretch, drink water, walk an hour while listening to Audible books, clean for 10 minutes, and then jump right into my first work session of the day. My favorite “magic pill” productivity hack is my Seiki 39″ monitor, which gives you a...

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Choosing a domain for your company or new website may seem straightforward at first, but with a crowded marketplace and stiff competition for common names, finding an available domain – not to mention related social media usernames – can quickly turn into a long process. Fortunately there are a slew of new tools to help you find the perfect domain name without spending forever practicing your word association skills. The sites below not only help you search for your ideal domain keyword, but find related domains, phrases, social media profiles and more in a variety of combinations. Go beyond...

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27 Entrepreneurs Share Actionable Tips For Successfully Doing Business in Indonesia

A special thanks to tilyanPristka for sponsoring the Indonesia edition of our Global Startup Report. In this week’s chapter 27 entrepreneurs share their tips and advice for successfully doing business in Indonesia. — There is a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of paperwork. Where possible get translations of the various things (laws and rules) in your native language. Don’t just get a second opinion, get 5 or 6, from whichever organization and/or department, invariably more information will be forthcoming. @Ace / Light Within Productions There are several things that entrepreneurs should pay attention to starting up a business in Indonesia,...

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37 Entrepreneurs Reveal How to Find And Keep Great Talent in Australia

Firstly, we would like to express a special thanks to eCompanies for sponsoring the Australian edition of our Global Startup Report. In this week’s chapter 37 Australian based entrepreneurs reveal how to find and keep great talent in Australia. At IntelligenceBank, we’ve always found it relatively easy to find and keep great talent – especially in the IT area. However, full time staff are expensive, so we tend to outsource front end programming and design jobs to contractors here in Australia and overseas. There is a special 457 visa you can use if you need to import talent if you...

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Investing in Software & Hardware Startups from Taiwan with Lucas Wang, CEO & Partner of TMI

Lucas, please introduce yourself… I co-founded TMI Holding, an incubator focused on Internet and mobile startups in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia on Feb, 2012 as the CEO/Partner. This is my second venture since 2005. Before TMI, I served 6 years as a partner at a VC firm based in Taiwan and Beijing where I was involved in Kaifu’s Innovation Works, especially in early projects. This also inspired the founding of TMI Holding. I was the lead of investment in technology fields which meant I got the chance to build a network of hardware and technology companies that benefits to...

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Investing in Global Tech Startups from Australia with Andrey Shirben, Founder of SYD Ventures

Andrey, please introduce yourself… My name is Andrey Shirben and I’m the founder of SYD Ventures. I’ve been building startups since I was 19 and haven’t stopped ever since (10 companies and counting). About 8 years ago I started investing in other startups too and I’ve made 40 or so investments so far. I was born in Russia, grew up in Israel and during the past three and a half years I’ve been living in Sydney with my adorable young family. Although I don’t have any formal education, I have a pretty solid technical background, including RF engineering, telecommunication &...

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Investing Seed And Growth Capital In Startups in Brazil With Marine Buclon, Principle of Bolt Ventures

Marine, please introduce yourself… I’m French but I’ve been living in São Paulo, Brazil, for the last two years. I used to work as a Business partner for the Innovation department of Vivendi (one of the largest conglomerate of media and telecom in Europe). There, I had the opportunity to prepare the business plan and launch the Brazilian branch of Wengo, an online marketplace that allows you to find and hire experts. At Vivendi, I worked an various subjects related to Brazil and I wanted to move here in order to learn more about this booming economy where web penetration...

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Investing in Latin American Startups with Sebastian Ortega, CEO of South Ventures

investing in latin american startups

Sebastian Ortega, Founder and CEO of South Ventures, IG Business Angels Club and Quanbit shares his thoughts on investing in Latin American Startups via South Ventures – a network for global investors. Sebastian, please introduce yourself… I’m an entrepreneur. My education was half technology and half businesses. While I was studying Computer Science, I dreamed to help people’s ideas with technology and I’ve done this for years after my graduation. Then, we founded Quanbit, a software development company for startups. At the same time, we founded IG Business Angels Club, an organization to help angel investors investment in startups in...

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Investing in Early Stage Tech Companies in Singapore with Gerben Visser, Co-Founder of Incubasia Ventures

Gerben, please introduce yourself… I co-founded Incubasia Ventures together with Hans de Back. I have a TMT (Tech, Media, Telco) investment banking background. Prior to coming to Singapore, I have worked in Amsterdam, New York and London for 12 years. Hans is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor, who worked in Amsterdam and Singapore for the past 15 years. Incubasia Ventures is an early stage tech investment firm with over a dozen investments in Europe, Asia and Australia. We are very hands on, both strategically through advisor roles and board seats, as well as operationally, either as co-founders or with “go...

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6 Business Opportunities Emerging in Indonesia, with Edy Budiman

Edy, please introduce yourself… I am 37 and born in Jakarta, Indonesia. My background was information system and was a hard-core programmer (and gamer). I am the founder of PT Dewaweb – offering cloud hosting service to the Indonesian market. I have a small in-house team of 6 people and a 24/7 support team in the US to manage our servers and support our customers via help desk, live chat and phone. What business opportunities to do you see emerging in Indonesia right now? There are many opportunities actually in Indonesia, because we’re kinda late in adopting the latest innovations and...

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