The 5 Best Content Marketing Agencies for Saas

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For any new Saas company, there are 101 different SaaS growth strategies that you could attempt to help you get more links, or you could even hire a SaaS agency to do it for you . But link building will only do so much, because to really establish your business as the industry go-to, and get on Google’s good side, one strategy that every new Saas startup needs is a solid content marketing plan.

To avoid the costs of hiring in-house, many new companies opt to work with a digital marketing agency. But how to choose? There are so many content marketing firms all slinging their services at you, that it can be a bit overwhelming.

Below is our rundown of the top content marketing agencies for Saas Companies for 2019:


Nogood’s success stems from the experience of its founders. As former heads of marketing and growth at successful tech brands, they grew many New York and Silicon Valley brands from hundreds to millions in revenue. TechCrunch featured Nogood as one of the top verified growth agencies in the US and it’s no surprise with a portfolio including names like IBM, P&G, Nike, Amex and Heineken.

Their focus isn’t just on optimizing your content, but getting you an ROI. They believe, “Producing content that does not return results is just a waste of your time.”

We couldn’t agree more.

2. SingleGrain

With big-name clients like Amazon, Lever, and SalesForce, SingleGrain has become well known for helping companies to see an ROI on their marketing investment by focusing on one core goal: recurring monthly revenue.

They differ from other agencies in that they also have their own Saas product. This means, they know which strategies are effective for building market awareness, getting clients signed up for a free trial–and converting them–within the software market, specifically.

From one saas company to another, they know how to get you set up with a strategy that actually sees an ROI.

3. The 20 Media

With a focus on “Content that Ranks” The 20 Media provides an all-in-one marketing solution. Their team of experts provides everything you need, starting with a data-driven content marketing strategy specific to your brand. By targeting your unique audience, they’ll create editorial content for you, and distribute it on platforms with the highest visibility. In short, they create more of what your audience wants to see and put it where they’ll actually see it.

With more than a decade of experience, The 20 Media doesn’t just create content – they create thought leaders. In addition to the highly technical SEO support you get, guest-posting, media placements, and podcast interviews are just some of the distribution types that turn your brand into a well-known industry leader.

4. E2M Solutions

A one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing, E2M has experience in everything from content marketing, to SEO, to link-building, to website design. With a deep understanding of how to cater content marketing to the right audience, they support their clients in reaching the right customers, in the right time, at the right place.

Their intention: “Get the highest quality content in front of the most-interested eyes.”

By helping you create highly educational content, you slip into the thought-leader position and start creating strong brand awareness with your audience.


Content marketing doesn’t have to be a big snooze. Educating your audience can be entertaining and a chance for you to showcase your company’s awesome personality (or your extensive collection of unicorn memes 🦄).

The team at Animalz gets it, and they pride themselves in creating informative and captivating content for your unique brand. Saas can be sexy, so whether your thing is mystical 4-legged creatures, or you just really like a good pun, they’ll be sure to infuse your brand’s personality into all your content efforts. Don’t take our word for it, their roster includes names like Airtable, Wistia, Zendesk, and even google.

Updated February 28, 2020



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