The Best Tech, Marketing & Design Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

The Best Tech, Marketing & Design Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

While we naturally think our own newsletter is one of the best tech newsletters delivered on a weekly basis (feel free to subscribe above), we are also fans of many other tech, marketing and design newsletters. What follows is a selection of our favourites.

Feel free to check them out and consider subscribing for a dose of tech, design, marketing and other great content delivered to your inbox weekly.

Startups & Tech

Andy Croll’s Bootstrapping Newsletter – Andy selects a different topic each week and add’s his own commentary to great bootstrap focused content from around the web.

SaaS Weekly by Hiten Shah – A must read if you are in anyway involved with SaaS products and marketing.

Hacker Newsletter – A weekly digest featuring popular content featured on Hacker News, split into handy categories.

Product Hunt Newsletter – A daily list of popular products, curated lists of products and their latest podcast episode.

Crunch Base Newsletter – A daily round up of tech funding and acquisition announcements.

Jon Russell’s Asia Tech News – Hands down the best weekly newsletter covering tech and startups across Asia, brought to you by TechCrunch’s Asia based reporter.

Owen Williams Charged Newsletter – Editor at The Next Web sends out a weekly breakdown of the latest tech news with added opinions and analysis.

The Sunday Dispatch – A weekly newsletter covering freelancing, creativity and life.

Startup Digest – A community project to help keep you on track with startup events and news in your area.


Growth Hackers Newsletter – Hands down the best newsletter out there dedicated to growth-hacking tips and strategies.

App Sumo Newsletter – If there’s one newsletter out there you can learn copy writing tips from, it’s the App Sumo newsletter. Get ready to take notes.


UX Design Weekly – Curated by Kenny Chen, subscribe to receive a hand picked list of the best user experience design links every week.

Creative Market Newsletter – Heaps of design freebies you can nab. If your into design and like a freebie, this is the newsletter for you.

MailChimp’s UX Newsletter – In-depth learnings and recourses from the team behind the popular newsletter sending company.

Death to the stock photo – A monthly newsletter with great photo’s for commercial use.

UnSplash – Another free photo newsletter, UnSplash will send you 10 photos you can use commercially every 10 days.

Web Design Weekly – A weekly round-up of the best design focused articles and resources from the inter-webs.

Code & Development

Swift Development Newsletter – Code tutorials, screencasts and more to learn Apple’s new programming language.

JavaScript Weekly – A weekly round up of the latest JavaScript news and articles from around the web.

Ruby Weekly – A weekly round up of the latest Ruby news and articles from around the web.

HTML5 Weekly – A once–weekly HTML5 and CSS3 news and articles from around the web.

What newsletters did we miss?

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