The Top 10 Blockchain Companies To Watch in 2019

The Top 10 Blockchain Companies To Watch in 2019

Blockchain technology has been quietly bubbling under the surface for some time, but it has yet to really explode into the mainstream. While many people still think of it as the same thing as Bitcoin, which they view as merely a speculative asset to gamble on, the truth is that the blockchain is much more than that.

In this article, we’ll be talking about some blockchain companies which are working hard to take cryptocurrency to the mainstream and to revolutionize many industries that we use every day like finance, security, and health care.


One of the web’s biggest problems is the disconnect between advertisers and the denizens of the internet. Now, almost everyone has an ad blocker and those that don’t have become ad blind to many of the most popular techniques.

Many people have also become angry with tracking behaviors which they feel unfairly scoop up their information. Brave is looking to change all of that by transforming the relationship between advertisers and website visitors.

The company was founded by Brendan Eich, who not only co-founded the Mozilla foundation but also created the javascript programming language!

Brave is a self-contained ecosystem which rewards users and publishers with the platform’s own cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token. They are paid for their attention, and advertisers pay for more meaningful interaction with their target audience.



Counterfeiting is an enormous industry, and in China, it has become too big to ignore. Now, fraudulent products are not limited to just shoes or designer handbags, but far more important items including life-saving medications and even infant formula.

So, how do you stop a problem like this? By giving the power to the consumer to identify and reject counterfeit merchandise. That’s exactly what Tael is doing with their blockchain based inventory tracking system. They’ve already rolled it out in select stores to verify the authenticity of infant formula in China.

After some initial testing, they realized that the problem is so widespread that people are even willing to pay a premium to make sure their goods are legitimate. This technology could strike a fatal blow to the counterfeiting industry, worth an estimated 1.2 trillion dollars.


Maker blockchain volatility

While watching your cryptocurrency jump up and down in value is great for investors, it’s not so great when you’re relying on those funds to pay your rent. For people who are paid in cryptocurrency, like freelancers or vendors, having a stable currency is important.

There have been many attempts at creating a cryptocurrency based stable coin, but most of them rely on one central point of failure, they’re backed by a fiat currency (like our current financial institutions). However, Maker has devised a clever system which allows for a stable coin which can be backed by Ethereum.

Though many people may not see this as the most exciting blockchain advancement, it’s likely the one that will help cryptocurrency to become a legitimate force as a payment method for everyday goods and services.


Ripple Blockchains Transactions Currency

Depending on who you ask Ripple is either the best or the worst thing ever created. However, nobody can deny that this is one of the most well-known blockchain projects in existence.

Ripple is addressing one of the largest concerns which cryptocurrency hoped to conquer: global payments. Despite growing technology, it can still take up to five days for international payments to make their way to their intended recipient, and it’s still not cheap to send them.

While Bitcoin focused on separating people from banks and financial institutions, Ripple wants to make these entities more efficient. This is the source of part of the anger that some cryptocurrency enthusiasts have toward the project, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping the more than 75 banks that are now using their service to streamline their payment systems.


Coinbase cryptocurrency purchases

Once upon a time, Coinbase was a quiet little startup that nobody cared about. That all changed during the crypto boom, as they were one of the only on-ramps for United States citizens to buy cryptocurrency. This sent their growth to the moon, and they struggled to scale in the months that followed.

Coinbase is not just a place to buy Bitcoin anymore though. They offer a full suite of features to investors, including vault storage. They’ve processed over 150 billion dollars in digital currency, and they’re not going to be stopping any time soon.


Nexo personal blockchain bank account

While one of the originally advertised perks of Bitcoin was that you can be your own bank, the truth is that not many people are prepared for that sort of responsibility. Nexo is hoping to be that solid middle ground between hiding all of your money and giving up complete control to someone else.

Nexo users can easily take out loans against their cryptocurrency holdings or even earn interest by locking up coins and tokens. However, what Nexo really has that other platforms don’t is that they’re doing things the right way.

They have an experienced team, and they have all of their ducks in a row when it comes to regulations. They’ve also already had over a billion dollars in loan requests from investors and miners looking to make the most of their holdings. Their setup is also dead easy to use, which is something other blockchain lending platforms sorely lacked.


Hydrogen blockchain financial operating system

Identity theft has been growing every year, and it will only get worse. Pocketing people’s personal information using software is low-risk, and it’s easy enough to do for tech-savvy criminals. For financial institutions, this is a nightmare, and data breaches cost them the trust of consumers.

Hydrogen’s blockchain-based software will provide a much-needed security layer that can be quickly implemented into banking applications, or really any application.

What’s more, is that the blockchain can securely store personal data, easing the process of not just security but also client onboarding. This could potentially save businesses countless hours of labor.

Cryptocurrency has one recurring problem. It’s just too difficult for most people to use, and that keeps it from mainstream adoption. The good news is that there are apps actively working to make it easier for everyone.

One of the best attempts at this is from, who are working hard to create an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. While their fancy debit cards are currently getting all of the attention, it’s their automated investing system which will likely steal the show later.

Automated trading strategies are nothing new, but this application will allow nearly anyone to use them to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios. They will also soon allow for collateral based cryptocurrency loans, and their debit card gives cash back rewards in cryptocurrency, a first for crypto-based payment cards.


Binance crypto trading platform

Cryptocurrency exchanges used to be downright awful. Their key features included little to no support, high fees, clunky interfaces, unreliable uptime, and the potential for the founder to walk away with your coins.

Binance made itself an overnight success by actually caring about their customers, and making it extremely easy to buy crypto like NEO and Ripple. They offered a reliable and safe platform with fair commissions and the entire cryptocurrency community took notice.

They quickly established themselves as a top exchange, and they aren’t finished yet. Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng announced plans to launch fiat to crypto trading platforms on almost every continent.



Believe it or not, the medical industry is still pretty behind as far as records keeping goes. However, it’s not entirely their fault. There’s a lot of regulation involved when you’re managing someone’s personal data. This barrier to data sharing leads to a lot of wasted time and possibly even medical mishaps when patients go to other facilities due to miscommunications.

Medibloc wants to change that by storing medical data securely on the blockchain. Their system allows not just hospitals, but the patient themselves to store and manage their medical data.


Here’s our list of the top blockchain companies that we’re paying attention to. What about you? Reach out and let us know.

Updated: June 24, 2019

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