Hi, we're Smash.vc

We buy minority ownership positions
in profitable small businesses

(and then help grow them)

Our Beliefs

Bootstrapping is a good thing.

"Lifestyle business" is not a dirty word.

Profit first, growth comes second.

It's ok to take some chips off the table.

Investors in lifestyle businesses

Who we are:

SmashVC is a group of individual investors who buy minority stakes in profit-driven businesses. We aren’t venture capitalists hunting unicorns, we are not a fund, and we are not aiming for growth at all costs. Instead, it is best to think of Smash as an experienced potential long-term partner for you and your business, focusing on promoting a healthy work-life-balance, and a profit-first mentality.

While we are an internet-first group, we are happy to partner with any business that meets our criteria, from a small local roofer, to a fast growing SaaS company. 

We are open to acquiring anything from 5% to 50%
of a business that is a good fit.

How we work:

After finding the ideal business, we write the founder(s) a check, bring in our experienced marketers and advisors to help the business grow (only if you want), and then stay out of your way and let you do what you do best: run the business how you see fit.

We can work with current owners, those looking to acquire a business, or someone looking for a co-investor for SBA funding. We’re flexible as long as the company is solid. 

Here's an easy to follow conversation of what we do

Selling Minority stake in profitable company

*Only thing to mention is that any type of company will work (doesn’t have to be tech), and now our ideal check size is $500k, but we’re happy to work with bigger or smaller companies.

Not looking for investment?

Just looking for growth instead of investment?

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