The investment partners we wish we could have had

Who we are

The investment partners we wish we could have had

We’re a diverse group of successful business-people turned investors. We come with a wide array of different skills, backgrounds and businesses, but we all share two common core operating principles.

  1. We only want to create true win-win partnerships with bootstrapped founders.

  2. We are all skilled operators ourselves, and are not afraid to get our hands dirty to help you grow your business.

Who We Are

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Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison

Travis is the founder of a dozen cash-flow companies, with 2 meaningful exits. He's writing this himself in third person, and reverted to this avatar due to never having a professional headshot.

Learn his (my) story, and why he (I) started Smash.VC →

Meet the Coinvestors

Hey, sorry we’re updating this part right now to add in everyone. Apologies for the lack of details right now.

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