Why Smash.vc is not vc

SmashVC tweet by DHH

A couple of days ago I was browsing along on The Twitter and stumbled across a tweet and article by DHH talking about something that really caught my attention. “Why isn’t there a market for selling a minority stake of your profitable tech company to people who’d be happy to be paid back in distributions and dividends, rather than capital gains? It seems like a glaring gap in the market.” Welp, as you can see he pretty much summed up exactly what we’re up to at Smash.vc. Although admittedly, he had something with a little bit bigger scale in mind,...

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How to Set Up an F’ing Catch-All Address in G-Suite (Google Apps)

How to set g-suite catchall email address

G-suite. I love you. You make much of my life easy, and I’m happy to pay you monthly for the dozens of email addresses I run through your innards. But… when it comes to setting up a catch-all email, I about lost my marbles. It used to be pretty easy to set up a catch-all when setting up G Suite (or Google Apps) on a new domain, but everything has changed since it was updated and it has become increasingly difficult to set the catch-all address for your account. If you are not familiar with this feature, G Suite allows...

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