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Best Startup Newsletters for Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs hoping to shape their next moves in growing markets, startup newsletters are among the most convenient tools. The best newsletters are also ideal for established startup founders and venture capital firms hoping to keep current.

In this post, we will cover the best startup newsletters to gain access to the kinds of influencer insights, case studies, growth hacks, curated lists, investing advice, and other must-read content that helps you leverage financial markets to your benefit. Whether you’re established in Silicon Valley or just looking to break into the startup community, there’s something here for you.

The Best Startup Newsletters You Should Subscribe TO:

This is our list of the best startup newsletters, and includes:

  • Benedict Evans
  • YCombinator
  • Mattermark

Best Overall:

best startup newsletters

Until, there was no dedicated space for entrepreneurial investment online. Here you’ll find an investing community talking about everything from starter stocks to the best brokerage firms and hedge funds for entrepreneurs. The newsletter—and Discord chat, which is as close to free, real-time advice as exists in this kind of app ecosystem—offer way more than “hot tips” or gossip.

This is about real opportunity, access, and know-how that develops over time. But where many startup newsletters make you pay for deal-flow, news on tech startups SaaS tools for entrepreneurs and other resources you can use, lets you in for free if you meet their criteria. Why? They know more high-quality members makes for a better community for all—and it shows.

What beats a money-back guarantee? Free pricing.

>> Check out

CB Insights

The CB Insights newsletter covers the best content: high-quality research and business intelligence that highlights what drives innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and business generally. This newsletter is packed with insights, yet it’s not bogged down with overly complex, analyst-style jargon, unlike most tech-focused newsletters and stays entertaining, with curated articles, infographics, report summaries, videos, and more.

Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans distinguishes itself as a newsletter by parsing meaningful developments in tech from the noise by providing analysis and context. This approach to “What matters in tech?” does in fact deliver distilled looks at technology trends and helps investors at top VCs to strategically approach even the most consequential tech problems in smarter ways.


YCombinator, has been a backer of influential startups like Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, and Stripe–an impressive list of investments! Its newsletter offers an interesting mix of multimedia content from video to podcasts from influential entrepreneurs. You’ll find including critical insights into business technology, fundraising for projects, upcoming events, and staying solvent.


Mattermark is an evidence-driven, data-based machine learning platform that also curates an email newsletter for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. It’s an ideal source of guidance on finance options, HR, hiring tips, marketing, operational strategies, and more. It can also help investors understand change metrics, become better board members, improve their fund management skills, and select better upcoming projects.

How Do Startup Newsletters Work?

To some extent, preference plays a role here. Some people want a daily newsletter, while others prefer to keep their tech news to weekdays. Others will settle for a weekly email as long as it’s truly in-depth, with the right insights. That part really does depend on what you’re looking for.

But the rest of it is more constant. The best startup newsletters offer advice and strategies from mentors, tech news, startup news, and things like roundups from influencers—but no fluff. Startup newsletters also sometimes offer market news and advice, and specifics on industries like cryptocurrency, technology, or healthcare.

What Makes the Best Startup Newsletters?

Here are some features to consider when choosing a startup newsletter.

  • First-round reviews
  • Proven, reliable track records
  • Transparent subscriptions without hidden fees
  • Real, actionable advice

Ready to see the list? Let’s get started.

Final Thoughts on Best Startup Newsletters

We hope this list of the best weekly newsletters for startups has been useful to you. With the right advice and a great idea, you might just be the next unicorn. These startup newsletters can help.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

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