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We filter through the noise to send you one weekly email with the top startup, investing and entrepreneur stories of the week.

We filter through the noise to send you one email with the top startup and entrepreneur stories of the week.

Update* - Excited to announce that FoundersGrid has been acquired by Smash.VC (hey that's us). We look forward to integrating this great newsletter into our brand.

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Travis Jamison

"Best newsletter that I've ever read in my life. Lifted my IQ by at least 48 points. Also the owner is really good looking"
— Travis Jamison. Very humble founder of
Nick Smash Digital

"If I leave a testimonial do I get a backlink?”
— Nick K, Director of operations at Smash Digital
Karl Kangur

"Best top of the funnel gimmick ever. Startup people love these things.”— Karl K, Director of marketing @ smash Digital
Founders Grid Testimonial

“I read the FoundersGrid startup newsletter every week. It is a great source of information for business and tech-related news and helps me keep track of the tech market trends. Are you currently accepting guest posts?”— Tasha, Outreach manager at Smash Digital
Weekly Startup Newsletter

“FoundersGrid is the bees-knees! Also, how come Nick gets a link and I don't?”— Tim, Director of client services, Smash Digital

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