The 3 Best Amazon PPC Management Agencies for 2020

Is your Amazon business cooking? Is it time to start ramping up the Amazon PPC to take revenue (and profit) to the next level? I’ve been there, and it’s an exciting but yet frustrating time.

It’s exciting to be ready to grow, but frustrating at finding the best agency to lean on to help. I’ve worked with a bunch of them, some good, some bad (and some terrible). To make it easy I’m putting the top 3 here (I’ve worked with 2 of them directly, and a 3rd via another Amazon company)

So without further ado, here are the top Amazon PPC management services that we recommend:

1. AMZ Pathfinder PPC

AMZpathfinder Amazon PPC service

AMZ Pathfinder is the definition of a niche agency. They specialize only in Amazon PPC account management, and also focus more on mid-size businesses.

Most agencies that I’ve worked with tend to bill clients specifically based on a percentage of total ad-spend. This has some merit, but is not really always exact. Where Pathfinder PPC stands out is they they are really more focused on profitable campaigns, instead of pure revenue pushes. For example, they don’t count bidding on the businesses “brand name” as a billable task. They include it because it already belongs to the businesses and they are not adding anything extra.

They focus on clients who are bringing in at least $70,000/month in revenue in at least one Amazon market. Speaking of which…

They have a VERY international team. Seeing how more and more Amazon sellers are moving to sell in Europe, Pathfinder put a team of native speakers in each of the main Amazon EU markets – Germany, Italy, Spain and France (.de/.it/.es/.fr)

2. Ad Badger

For sellers wanting a mix of a software with doing some themselves (with help from the pros), then Ad Badger is your go-to. Don’t let their honey-badger-don’t-give-shit mascot fool you, their team cares immensely about the success of your business. The software manages every bid on every keyword, daily, saving you heaps of time.

What makes Ad Badger such a badass company? Their proprietary Amazon PPC Software that automates everything. If you’re picking your keywords manually, you’re doing it wrong. Adbadger will manage everything from top to bottom, with every task designed to increase revenue and Target ACoS.

Ad Badger’s team is focused solely on Amazon PPC which means you get the boutique experience. With 24/7 support, you know that there’s always a Badger available to answer any questions.

If you want immediate improvement and growth over time, AdBadger is a no-brainer.

They also have an ongoing Amazon PPC community and podcast, which is great for the do-it-yourselfer’s.

3. Metric Theory

Metric Theory Amazon FBA Agency

Metric Theory is best for companies that need multi-channel support, with not only having a segment for Amazon PPC ads, but also focusing on more traditional paid ad markets.

Metric Theory offers a huge mix of traditional Google PPC, retargeting campaigns, video ads, display and even paid social campaigns.

Needless to say, Metric Theory is probably best if you have a very large company needing multi-channel exposure. If you’re purely selling on Amazon some of the other agencies mentioned above are probably best for pure Amazon PPC needs.

We do not have any insight on their ability to handle international Amazon markets, they may or they may not be able to handle this. They do have a significant US presence, with offices in San Francisco, Denver, Orange County, Salt Lake City and New York City




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