Our 6 Favorite Amazon PPC Management Agencies

Looking to improve your ad profitability on Amazon? These six Amazon PPC companies might help. (updated for 2024)

The Best Amazon PPC Agencies

The best agencies, based on our own trial and error

There are a bazillion different Amazon PPC agencies out there.

Some are terrible, many are ok, and just a few are spectacular (we’ve had them all).

Via the companies in our Smash.vc portfolio, I had the pleasure of trying out several myself and I’m happy to report back on the results. My list of the top choices is based on knowledge of their craft, ACoS, response time, ease of working together, and most importantly… results. Good results (and a good ROI) are what I consider to be the top criteria of them all.

So, not to keep you waiting any longer… just who are the best Amazon ad agencies?

The Top Amazon PPC Agencies of 2024 are:

    1. AMZ Pathfinder (the agency we now use for all our stores)
    2. AdBadger (best if you want a SaaS)
    3. SellerPlex (best full-service Amazon agency)
    4. Clear Ads (for the UK)
    5. Acadia (for BIG companies needing multi-platform strategies)
    6. Better AMS (for Target and Walmart)

AMZ Pathfinder – Our top choice, and the one we actually use

This is the agency that we now use for our own brands.

A verified partner of the Amazon Ads Partner Network, AMZ Pathfinder is an Amazon PPC agency that helps sellers create and manage effective advertising campaigns in the Amazon marketplace. This agency was founded by Brent Zahradnik, and has a team of seasoned Amazon advertising professionals with team members from various international locations (so they can easily do ads in all Amazon markets). Their team of Amazon Marketplace experts have a deep understanding of Amazon’s algorithms and best practices, allowing them to develop effective up-to-date strategies.

Whether a client is looking to launch a new product or increase sales for existing products, AMZ Pathfinder has the expertise and resources to help them achieve their advertising and sales goals on Amazon.

These three pillars empowers AMZ Pathfinder to scale businesses:


  • Optimize and Scale Amazon Advertisings

PPC Ad Management for Amazon, PPC Coaching for Amazon, and Amazon Ad Auditing

  • Optimize for Conversion

CRO-focused Storefront Design and Product Listing Optimization

  • Boost Brand and Products Ranking

External traffic from Google Ads for Amazon catalogs  (G4A) and Amazon’s Demand-Side-Platform(DSP).

Want to get a taste at just how geeky the founder is on Amazon ads? Take a watch:

AMZ Pathfinder specializes in:

  • Advertising Management for Amazon
  • Storefront Design Service for Amazon
  • Product Listing Optimization for Amazon
  • Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) for Amazon
  • Google Ads for Amazon product catalogs
  • Amazon educational content (podcasts, video and written content)

What are the benefits of working with AMZ Pathfinder?

  • Their Ad Management service has custom options to cater to different budgets.
  • They have performance-based pricing that allows for custom pricing based on branded ad revenue
  • In-house creative professionals with the ability to design attractive Amazon Storefronts
  • Dedicated account managers for your Amazon business
  • Works with a ton of Marketplaces: Amazon US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, Mexico, and UAE
  • They have an impressive portfolio of happy, successful clients

Services AMZ Pathfinder offers:


Known for their Amazon PPC Optimization software and their fantastic weekly Amazon PPC-themed podcast, Ad Badger (founded by the legend Michael Erickson Facchin) is a top Amazon agency for helping Amazon Sellers increase profits and grow their businesses through accessible yet expert knowledge. Their software and tools provide intelligent automation, are easy to use, help dramatically improve Amazon paid ads campaigns, and their constant output of quality content teaches  Amazon Sellers who are not full-time PPC experts how to maximize their advertising results without spending days solving every little problem.

Ad Badger specializes in:

  • Paid Advertising for Amazon
  • A custom-made PPC Software for Amazon
  • Offering management services using their own software

What are the benefits of working with Ad Badger?

  • Access to their innovative Amazon PPC Optimization software
  • Assistance from a specialized team for education and support
  • Availability of managed services from the software owner
  • 1-on-1 strategic calls and active customer support
  • Coaching from experienced Amazon marketers

What are the services that Ad Badger offers?

      • PPC Management for Amazon
      • Coaching for Amazon Ads
      • Google Ads for Amazon
      • Account audits


SellerPlex helps ecommerce and Amazon FBA businesses reach their full potential by optimizing operations, advertising, product listings, and finances. It was founded by Nate Ginsburg (whose eCom Exits podcast we absolutely love), who had previous success scaling and exiting his FBA businesses. Nate is now committed to supporting fellow entrepreneurs in building more profitable businesses.

The main advantage of working with the SellerPlex team is that each new client gets a free audit or consultation, a tailored solution, and assistance with all aspects of their ecommerce business — from logistics to marketing, content creation, and bookkeeping.

As an Amazon Ads Verified partner, SellerPlex regularly helps its clients achieve a 200% ROI on PPC campaigns, 20%+ lost revenue recovery, and higher content output without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an in-house content team. Clients are chosen on an application basis. This ensures that each business gets the best possible service from an Amazon PPC company that’s a good fit for its specific needs.

SellerPlex specializes in:

  • Ecommerce operations optimization
  • Amazon account management
  • PPC advertising for Amazon
  • Product listing optimization and storefront design on Amazon
  • Content marketing
  • Amazon FBA bookkeeping and financial intelligence

What are the benefits of working with SellerPlex?

  • Working with a centralized team of experienced experts
  • Free initial audits
  • Tailored solutions
  • Continuous optimization
  • Flat rate pricing

What are the services that SellerPlex offers?

  • Supply chain management and optimization
  • Amazon store management
  • Amazon PPC (duh)
  • Amazon content and listing creation services
  • Content marketing
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Revenue recovery

Clear Ads Agency

UK-based agency Clear Ads provides digital marketing services to medium and large-sized Amazon eCommerce  businesses. They are leading experts in and have a heavy services emphasis on Amazon DSP. Their team of experts in Amazon DSP and PPC are prepared to help Amazon sellers improve their ad performance and achieve positive results for their businesses, especially when it comes to using Amazon’s Demand Side Platform. To effectively use Amazon DSP the business doesn’t even need to be selling on the Amazon marketplace, and Clear Ads has experience harnessing this platform to the benefit of all kinds of businesses.

Clear Ads specializes in

  • Demand Side Platform (DSP) for Businesses selling on Amazon
  • DSP for non-endemic businesses off Amazon
  • PPC Advertising for Amazon
  • Operations in running an eCommerce business

What are the benefits of working with Clear Ads?

  • An expanded advertising footprint that enables access to global Amazon marketplace
  • Work with experienced Amazon PPC and DSP managers
  • Tap into advanced ADSP know-how and experience
  • Data-backed ADSP strategies

What are the services that Clear Ads offers?

  • Marketing Services for Amazon
  • Demand Side Platform (DSP) for Amazon
  • Direct to Consumer Brand Advertising
  • Walmart Demand Side Platform


Acadia is a well-regarded full-service Amazon marketplace agency that is a member of Amazon’s official “Seller Central Partner Network” and is a verified partner of the Amazon Ads Partner Network. They work best as a service provider for larger, established companies that have a mix of different sales channels and are looking for professionals who can take the complexity of Amazon and turn it into something simple and profitable. They have processes in place to troubleshoot a wide variety of problems and help larger companies that sell through multiple channels launch better and find better long-term outcomes on the Amazon marketplace.

Acadia also offers a wealth of content related to Amazon, including PPC, FBA, and SEO tips, which has helped them build a positive reputation among their customers.

Acadia specializes in:

  • Full-service management for the Amazon channels of large, established companies
  • Inventory, customer service, brand quality, launches and review management
  • PPC and Demand Side Platform (DSP) for Amazon

What are the benefits of working with Acadia?

  • A deep bench of Amazon specialists across all aspects of the marketplace ecosystem
  • One-stop-shop for all things Amazon sales-channel related; as a large established brand there is no need to work with other service providers
  • Benefit from trained experts knowledgeable with Amazon PPC, DSP and AMS
  • Provides full-channel management that covers brand protections, SEO, operations, advertising, and customer service

What are the services that Acadia offers?

  • Full-Service Channel Management for Amazon and Walmart
  • Walmart Account Management
  • Advertising for Target and Instacart
  • Target.com Advertising Management
  • Marketing Cloud (AMC) for Amazon
  • DSP for Amazon
  • PPC Management for Amazon
  • Listing and Storefront Optimization for Amazon
  • Amazon Consultation and Account Launch

Better AMS

Better AMS is an Amazon advertising agency that caters to the needs of larger companies that primarily need help with retail advertising, chiefly Amazon. They offer a range of services to enhance and optimize advertising campaigns on Amazon, Walmart and even Target. Their team uses their own internal tools to automate bid optimization, keyword harvesting, campaign structuring, reporting, and budget distribution. They also customize their services to meet the specific needs of their clients and adapt Amazon’s terminology to their client’s internal terminology as needed. They distribute the advertising budget by product based on the client’s advertising objectives, taking into account various factors such as sales velocity, seasonality, and product-specific goals.

Better AMS specializes in:

  • Amazon advertising campaign optimization and expansion
  • Customized Reporting
  • Advertising Budget Management

What are the benefits of working with Better AMS:

  • Work with experienced Amazon PPC and DSP managers
  • Detailed custom projection reports to avoid wasting budget
  • Provides perfectly-structured campaigns based on high-performing keywords
  • Manages your budget by ASIN wisely to meet product-specific goals

What are the services that Better AMS offers:

  • Sponsored Ads Management
  • DSP Management for Amazon
  • Walmart Connect Ad management
  • Target Ad management

Characteristics that every winning agency should have

Picking the right PPC agency can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to know what to look for in order to find the best fit for your Amazon business.

Here are a few key things to consider before you start your search:

Case studies and verified reviews

A strong history of helping clients succeed with their PPC campaigns is solid proof that a PPC agency can support your business. Look for an agency that has experience managing PPC campaigns for Amazon businesses in your niche, and be sure to ask for case studies and references from past clients. It’s also a good idea to look for an agency that is up-to-date on the latest PPC best practices and has a track record of staying on top of industry trends. See how involved they are in the wider community and how much they share about what they know in podcasts, webinars and social media.

Providing complete transparency

It’s important to choose an Amazon PPC agency that is transparent with their accounts and communication. This means that the PPC agency should be willing to share key details about their processes and strategies, as well as provide regular updates and reports on the performance of your campaigns.

A transparent agency will also be open to answering any questions you may have and should be willing to provide explanations for any decisions or changes made to your campaigns. By choosing an agency that is transparent, you can feel confident that they have nothing to hide and are committed to helping you succeed.

Clear, honest, and timely communication

Effective communication is key to the success of any business relationship, and it’s no different when it comes to working with an Amazon PPC agency. When looking for an agency, be sure to consider their communication style and make sure it aligns with your own. Look for an agency that is responsive to your inquiries, provides clear and concise explanations, and is available to discuss your campaigns and strategy.

Don’t be afraid to ask potential agencies about their communication style and how they handle client communication during the onboarding process. Understand what their expected turn around time is when communicating.

Stops wasteful ad spend

Look for an agency that has a track record of maximizing ROI and minimizing wasteful ad spend. An experienced agency should be able to help you identify areas of your campaigns that may be underperforming and make swift improvements. They should also be able to provide insights on how to target the right keywords and demographics to drive the most qualified traffic to your listings.

By choosing an agency that can save you time and money, you can focus on other areas of your business while still seeing strong results from your PPC campaigns.

Conducts thorough keyword analysis and implementation

Keyword analysis is an essential part of any successful Amazon PPC campaign. Be sure to choose an Amazon PPC agency that understands the importance of keyword research and has a process in place for conducting a thorough analysis. A good agency will take the time to understand your business and product offerings, and will use this information to identify the most relevant and effective keywords to target. They should also be able to analyze the performance of your keywords and make adjustments as needed to ensure that your campaigns are driving the best possible results.

By choosing a PPC agency that conducts keyword analysis as part of their process, you can be confident that your campaigns are targeting the right audience and driving the most qualified traffic to your listings.

Fair and legible pricing

The Amazon PPC agency you choose should be able to clearly explain their pricing structure and provide a breakdown of the services included in their fees. Be wary of agencies that have hidden fees or that seem to be charging excessively high rates for their services. Instead, look for an agency that is transparent about their pricing and can provide a clear and reasonable justification for the cost of their services. Asking them to break out the different services they offer and are charging you for by line item on their invoices may be a smart move.

It’s also a good idea to shop around and get quotes from multiple agencies to get a sense of what is fair and reasonable in the market. Supply and demand impacts agency services like anything else, and agencies respond to these changes in their pricing like any other service business.


Getting professional help from advertising professionals can bring a range of benefits to your business.

Increases revenue without sacrificing profits

By optimizing your PPC campaigns to target the right audience and creating targeted ads that reach potential customers who are more likely to make a purchase, your Amazon PPC agency can effectively convert clicks into sales. These experts can also help you set up and test different ad campaigns to determine which ones are the most effective at driving sales.

Using data and analytics, an Amazon PPC agency can continually monitor and adjust your PPC campaigns to ensure they perform at their best and deliver the maximum return on investment.

Keeps ACoS low and profits high

An experienced Amazon PPC agency will have a deep understanding of how the Amazon advertising platform works and will be able to set up and optimize your campaigns to ensure they are as cost-effective as possible. Among the metrics that these experts need to keep a close eye on is the overall ACoS of your account. Part of that process involves finding the right keywords to target, setting appropriate bid amounts, and using other tactics to drive sales while minimizing costs.

They can also experiment with different bid amounts to find the sweet spot where your ads are getting shown frequently enough to drive sales, but not so frequently that they become too expensive.

Regular monitoring and analysis of the campaign’s performance can help them identify any issues or opportunities for improvement on your ads, allowing them to make adjustments to keep your ACoS low and your profits high.

Educates you about Amazon advertising’s new complex features

The Amazon advertising experts you hire will be closely monitoring Amazon’s advertising platform and will be aware of any new features or updates as they are released. This can be especially helpful for sellers who are not able to spend as much time monitoring the platform themselves. An agency can then provide guidance on how to take advantage of these new features and strategies to drive more sales and improve the performance of your campaigns.

Expert keyword research

Having access to a range of keyword tools and resources that can help identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your product listings is one of the expertise of most PPC advertising experts. This important task can involve using keyword research tools to identify popular search terms, analyzing the performance of your competitors’ campaigns, and using data from past campaigns to identify opportunities for improvement.

The right agency can also help sellers identify long-tail keywords, which are more specific and less competitive than more broad terms, and can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your product listings.

Sellers will also be given the opportunity to understand how to use negative keywords to exclude certain terms from their campaigns, which can help reduce the number of irrelevant impressions and clicks and ultimately lower their ACoS (advertising cost of sale).

Consistently monitors and optimizes your Amazon ad campaigns

PPC advertising experts will have the resources and expertise to continually monitor your campaigns and identify any issues or opportunities for improvement. This can involve analyzing data from your campaigns to identify trends, adjusting bid amounts and targeting settings to optimize your campaigns, and testing different ad copy and visuals to find the best-performing combinations.

They can also provide regular reports and updates on the performance of your campaigns, allowing you to see the results of their efforts and make informed decisions about your advertising strategy.

To finalize… I know it’s tough… REALLY tough to find to perfect fit, but sorting through all the Amazon PPC services to find the perfect agency really helped us grow our online business portfolio. With there being so many agencies out there, trial and error helped us find the one that worked best. So, based on our experience, I was able to significantly grow our profits (and our business) when we found this agency. I hope that it does the same for you.

Updated on May 3, 2024

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