The 5 Best Amazon PPC Management Agencies for 2021

Ready to launch new products on the Amazon platform? These five Amazon PPC companies can help you be one step ahead of competition.

List of the top amazon agencies

Over the last decade, Amazon has successfully positioned itself as the face of the e-commerce industry and the first online platform people that will go to for their shopping needs. Its “customer-first philosophy“ is the primary reason the Amazon Marketplace became so popular— this is also why 89% of online shoppers prefer to buy products off of Amazon over other e-commerce sites, and why Amazon businesses are able to sell 4,000 products per minute.

While Amazon is certainly able to turn any small e-commerce business into a money-making behemoth, the road to success can be difficult and the competition can be tough. With a whopping 2.5 million sellers currently on the Amazon platform, the only way that small or medium-sized businesses can stand a chance is by launching a sound Amazon Pay-Per-Click Campaign.

Amazon PPC is undoubtedly a tricky game to play. It’s highly data-driven,  but there are ways that you can get off to a good start and be ahead of your competition. Whether you’re a new or seasoned Amazon entrepreneur, the assistance of a reputable PPC company can help you establish your Amazon business if you’re set up for it. This article talks about five PPC companies you have to look out for this year. With proven track records, professional teams, and excellent customer services, these PPC agencies will help any new entrepreneur make the best business decisions when he/she hits the PPC trail in the future.

Based on our analysis, the top choice for Amazon PPC is AMZ Pathfinder. It boasts a multitude of specialized Amazon PPC services, a diverse team of specialists, and high-quality services (fast and easy communication and reporting). With AMZ Pathfinder, your ad campaigns will never miss out.

#1. AMZ Pathfinder— Our Top Choice

AMZ Pathfinder was conceived by Brent Zarahdnik after he saw the potential of Amazon PPC as a tool to help businesses achieve massive revenue growth and exposure in such a competitive eCommerce environment. Since its inception in 2015, the AMZ Pathfinder team has employed specialized PPC strategies and maintained robust relationships with multiple clients. AMZ Pathfinder maintains transparency by submitting end-of-month updates that will give clients a hint of the company’s performance and newly-set goals for the next campaign.

AMZ Pathfinder likewise boasts a remote team of Amazon specialists that come from different parts of the world. Due to these advantages, they are able to service Amazon companies from Europe, the Americas, and Asia, all of which are equally motivated to dominate the eCommerce market.

On top of its excellent PPC management service, AMZ Pathfinder also provides complementary services that can help entrepreneurs have the edge of their competitors. From Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) to Store Builder services, AMZ Pathfinder has evolved into a fully-fledged Amazon assistance provider.

As our top PPC company choice, AMZ Pathfinder truly belongs in a class of its own. For more information, check out the AMZ Pathfinder official website.

#2. Ad Badger

Ad Badger is actually a software company founded by a long-time PPC pro himself. After switching from more traditional Google-PPC to focusing more on PPC services for Amazon sellers, he decided that the market was in DIRE need of a reliable software to handle all the intricacies that PPC demands.

Fast forward a few years and the app is great, saves oodles of time, and they are able to leverage their own in-house team that know the app inside and out to offer a great managed service for clients who want a hands-off approach. Learn more on Ad Badger’s services page.

#3. Bobsled Marketing

Bobsled Marketing is widely regarded as a top PPC company by many Amazon professionals out there. As a member of Amazon’s official Solutions Provider network, the Bobsled Marketing team utilizes a laser-focused approach to troubleshoot any PPC problems and launch better campaigns.

And while Bobsled Marketing already has performance credibility among Amazon PPC clients and competitors, it still manages to be unique. If you decide to go to their website, you will immediately see a wealth of content about anything related to Amazon: from Amazon PPC and FBA e-books and podcasts, to general Amazon suspension and SEO tips. This particular focus on releasing content allowed Bobsled Marketing to flex its Amazon knowledge and build a positive reputation among its new and old customers.

Bobsled Marketing is another compelling PPC choice for many entrepreneurs, and it definitely has credentials to prove why it’s one of the best. You can check out Bobsled’s website for more information on its PPC solutions.

#4. Canopy Management

Established in 2011, Canopy Management is a leading Amazon PPC company that numerous entrepreneurs have continued to trust. As opposed to AMZ Pathfinder and Bobsled Marketing’s specialized approach to Amazon PPC, Canopy instead manages campaigns using holistic strategies.

This rather unconventional approach worked wonders for Canopy Management. In the past year, Canopy’s founder and CEO Brian Burt reported a whopping annual revenue worth $373 million. This insane amount was largely due to excellent Amazon PPC performance and customer service from the Canopy ‘tribe’.

As a fully-serviceable digital marketing agency, Canopy doesn’t shy from offering other ad services as well. For instance, it offers Amazon SEO and Ranking, Amazon DSP, and Facebook/Google advertising services.

You may check out Canopy Management’s official list of services through their website.

#5. Channel Bakers

If there’s one trait that makes Channel Bakers a fine choice for launching a PPC Campaign, it’s the company’s ability to remain data-driven for its customers— whether they wish to thrive within the Amazon Marketplace or on other eCommerce platforms.

The Channel Bakers team is headed by Joshua Kreitzer, an experienced digital marketing professional, and a team of enthusiastic PPC specialists. The company’s attention to detail and optimal decision-making allowed it to have global brands as clients (e.g., Levi’s Jeans, Intel, and Samsung) and generate a total of $1 billion in ad revenue sales. Apart from this, the Channel Bakers team proudly offers multilingual support services that make it a truly global marketing agency for all businesses.

For more information, you may check out the Channel Bakers official website.

#6 Clear Ads Agency

Last on our list is UK-based Clear Ads Agency. It was founded in London in 2011 to provide marketing assistance for small and medium-sized British businesses, but it has since transformed itself into a fully functional Amazon PPC company

Clear Ads Agency has established and maintained a stellar reputation among clients. As of writing, the company has 54 5/5 positive reviews on On its website, you would also see a number of customer testimonials that praise the company and its founder, George Meressa, for excellent performance. Meressa is also widely known for being active on the PPC landscape. As other people have noted, he is specifically knowledgeable on managing Amazon sponsored products and navigating the greater Seller Central platform.

While the company’s customer reach and language support are limited, Clear Ads Agency is an exquisite option for Amazon businesses in the UK. For more information, you may check out Clear Ads Agency’s full list of services.

Our Final Take

While It is true that Amazon is a profitable platform that you can utilize to attract a massive customer base, only the most strategic PPC companies can unlock its true potential and make significant profits on the platform.

If you’re looking for a company that cares about your progress and is eager to see your business grow the Amazon platform, AMZ Pathfinder is undoubtedly your best bet. Its excellent personalized PPC strategy, great customer service, and wide reach into whatever Amazon market you may be in makes it the perfect choice for any Amazon business!



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