The 11 Best Entrepreneurs to Follow Who Keep it Real

In today’s information-saturated world, it’s hard to filter the genuine innovators from the clout-chasers.

You want to follow experts not just for buzzwords and empty inspiration, but for real-world insights and strategies. People who have earned their entrepreneurial and investing success through tangible results, not hype.

In this article, you’ll find 11 of the best entrepreneurs to follow in 2023. Some you know already, some you’ve never heard of.

Don’t worry. Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t on the list.

Pieter Levels

Pieter Levels is known for his “12 startups in 12 months” challenge, during which he built and launched a new online business every month for a year.

His most notable project, Nomad List, is a widely-used platform for remote workers seeking ideal locations worldwide. He’s also known for Remote OK and a deluge of other smaller projects.

This absolute beast of a startup builder has shown in real time that success comes through multiple attempts, failure and rapid iteration.

  • Product Development: Rapid product development and launch
  • Rapid Iteration: Quick iteration based on user feedback
  • Community Development: Building communities around your product or service

Pieter Levels Blog (

Pieter Levels Twitter (@levelsio)

Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison is a successful serial entrepreneur who has built and scaled numerous businesses. To date, he’s had $10+M exits with bootstrapped businesses.

As an investor, he’s created and the investment company Smash.VC. As an SEO-expert, he’s the owner and CEO of the marketing agency Smash Digital.

In addition to sensible chuckles, following Travis gets you valuable insights on:

  • Bootstrapping: Travis is a veritable expert on self-funding startups
  • Remote Management: Building and managing remote teams
  • Customer Experience: Building a successful business through positive customer experience
  • Data Based Investing: Learn about experimental investments based on data instead of hype

By following Travis Jamison’s journey, you can uncover best practices for creating and scaling an online venture in today’s competitive environment.

Investing Blog (

Travis Jamison Blog (

Travis Jamison on Twitter (@Travis_Jamison)

Sahil Bloom

Sahil Bloom is a multifaceted entrepreneur, investor, and creator known for his insightful content and innovative ventures.

With a strong emphasis on education and growth, Sahil has garnered a significant following:

  • Newsletter & Content Creation: Sahil is the mind behind “The Curiosity Chronicle,” a newsletter with over 225,000 subscribers. Each week offers a deep dive into business, finance, startups, and technology.
  • Podcasting: He’s a podcast host on “Where It Happens,” which emphasizes the importance of insightful conversations in professional scenarios.
    The podcast aims to provide listeners with insider perspectives and proven frameworks to give them a competitive advantage.
  • Athletic Background: Apart from his professional endeavors, Sahil has a background in baseball. He played for the New England Collegiate Baseball League and had significant contributions during his stints in 2010 and 2011.

Stay tuned to Sahil Bloom’s initiatives for a blend of entrepreneurial insights, educational content, and holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

Sahil Bloom Twitter (@SahilBloom)

Sahil Bloom LinkedIn

Sahil Bloom Blog (

Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof, the Jack Black of marketing, stands out as a trailblazer in the vast world of SEO and online entrepreneurship.

Recognized by industry experts for his unparalleled expertise in on-page optimization and keyword research, Kyle’s strategies have become the gold standard for many digital marketers.

Key areas:

  • On-page SEO Mastery: Perfecting website content and structure for search engine optimization.
  • Innovative Keyword Research: Unearthing high-impact keywords that drive traffic and conversions.
  • Holistic Marketing Strategies: Crafting cohesive plans that amplify online presence and engage target audiences.

By following Kyle Roof’s techniques and insights, marketers and entrepreneurs alike can elevate their digital footprint and harness the full potential of their online strategies.

Kyle Roof Twitter (@kylebot1997)

Kyle Roof Blog (

Glen Allsopp

Glen Allsopp is a seasoned digital marketer and veritable SEO ninja, renowned for his in-depth analyses and actionable insights. He’s also a brilliant business strategist, as showcased by his Gaps project.

With a reputation built on a solid foundation of data-driven expertise, Glen offers a wealth of knowledge through his platforms.

Key highlights of his contributions include:

  • Content Strategy Insights: Through, Glen deciphers the finest strategies, offering readers a competitive edge.
  • SEO Mastery: ViperChill, another brainchild of Glen, serves as a repository of his extensive knowledge on SEO and broader marketing topics.
  • Discovering Industry Loopholes: Glen’s knack for identifying and exploiting overlooked marketing tactics ensures his followers stay one step ahead in the digital landscape.

By diving into Glen Allsopp’s content and methodologies, marketers stand to gain a fresh perspective, enriching their approach to online promotion and audience engagement.

Glen Allsopp Blog (

Glen Allsopp Twitter (@viperchill)

Seth Godin

A titan in the world of marketing, Seth Godin has long been the voice that both budding and seasoned marketers turn to for wisdom. From best-selling author to Business Insider contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine regular, he’s a well known figure to every content creator.

His work consistently challenges traditional marketing norms, pushing for authenticity and innovation.

Seth Godin’s quote “A content marketer’s job is to publish every day” has kept me moving and evolving through rough times for almost two decades.

Key highlights of his extensive career include:

  • Prolific Authorship: As a bestselling author of multiple titles such as “Purple Cow” and “Tribes,” Seth offers insights into marketing, leadership, and the spread of ideas. You can find similar groundbreaking posts in his blog.
  • Entrepreneur Ventures: As the founder of multiple companies, including Yoyodyne and Squidoo, Seth embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, emphasizing the importance of creating meaningful impact over mere transactions.

For those eager to challenge the status quo and redefine paradigms, Seth Godin’s wisdom is both timeless and profoundly relevant in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Seth Godin Twitter (@ThisIsSethsBlog)

Seth Godin Blog (

Seth Godin LinkedIn

Staring at decisions

Soap is 85 cents a bar or two for a dollar. Which should you buy?

It depends. It depends on how much space you have, whether you like this brand, how full your cart is and whether or not you’re sure if the person who sent you to the market wants you to buy two.

It’s easy to focus on these sorts of low-value decisions.

—Seth Godin, December 18, 2022

Danielle Gronich


Danielle Gronich is the co-founder of ClearStem Skincare, a thriving business focusing on providing natural and non-toxic beauty products.

To establish a lifestyle business, it’s essential to have a clear vision and mission, which Danielle demonstrates through her passion for clean, result-oriented skincare.

Following her on social media and her blog will expose you to her transparent and educational approach to business and skincare.

  • Product Development: Developing and a successful product line and bringing it to market
  • Entrepreneur Lifestyle: Balancing personal life with the demands of being an entrepreneur
  • Authentic Branding: Creating an authentic, customer-oriented brand

Danielle Gronich Instagram (

Danielle Gronich LinkedIn

As someone who has arguablely some of the most high maintenance skin on the planet, I have to tip-toe around everything. ONE bite of cheese but only if I’m not near my period. Half a cup of coffee but only if hydrated first. Kissing someone new? Ya ima check your chapstick first. Massage time? Bringing my own hemp oil (it’s safe!)⁣

—Danielle Gronich, November 26, 2022

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and online entrepreneur behind the renowned brand, MarieTV.

She is also the creator of the popular business development program, B-School, turning her into a thought leader with the online entrepreneurship crowd.

You know the Youtube channel with the flower in the background-trope? She started it.

Marie’s alternative to the corporate setting, along with her insightful and actionable advice, make her an ideal role model for anyone pursuing a lifestyle business.

Gain valuable insights from Marie on:

  • Online Branding: Building an online presence and personal brand, as she explained on Yahoo Finance
  • Content Creation: Creating engaging and valuable content for your target audience
  • Digital Marketing: Growing your business with effective digital strategies

Marie Forleo Blog (

Marie Forleo Instagram (@marieforleo)

Marie Forleo Twitter (@marieforleo)

Tobi Lütke

Tobi Lütke is an entrepreneur, pioneer and thought leader in the ecommerce universe. Oh, and CEO and mastermind behind Spotify.

His journey and insights offer invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs navigating the digital marketplace.

Key facets of his entrepreneurial voyage and contributions include:

  • E-Commerce Visionary: As the founder and CEO of Shopify, Lütke transformed a small online shop into an e-commerce behemoth, facilitating commerce for millions worldwide.
  • Thought Leadership: Lütke’s Twitter handle (@tobi) and his interviews shed light on the latest in technology trends, e-commerce strategies, and the nuances of scaling a startup.
  • Resources and Guidance: Shopify’s blog, enriched by Lütke’s direction, is a treasure trove of industry updates, actionable tips, and inspiring tales of entrepreneurs who’ve carved out their niches using the platform.

For those aiming to conquer the e-commerce world, keeping a close watch on Tobi Lütke’s strategies and insights can provide a roadmap to success.

Tobi Lütke Blog (

Tobi Lütke Twitter (@tobi)

Tobi Lütke Instagram (@tobi)

Tara Mackey

Photograph by Alina Mendoza

Tara Mackey is a luminary and motivational speaker in the world of holistic and sustainable living.

As the driving force behind The Organic Life, her journey and wisdom offer priceless guidance for individuals seeking a natural and conscious approach to life and wellness.

  • Holistic Living: As the founder and CEO of The Organic Life, Mackey has championed a platform that emphasizes sustainable living, holistic remedies, and organic beauty.
  • Voice of Mindfulness: Through her social media presence and her best-selling books, Mackey delves into the benefits of natural remedies, the power of mindfulness, and the importance of sustainable habits.
  • Natural Lifestyle: The Organic Life blog, under Mackey’s guidance, is a rich repository of organic skincare insights, personal healing stories, and actionable tips for those aiming to embrace a more natural lifestyle.

For those aspiring to integrate holistic practices into their daily routines, drawing inspiration from Tara Mackey’s experiences and teachings can pave the way to a balanced and harmonious life.

Tara Mackey Blog (

Tara Mackey Instagram (@taraamackey)

How I Got Featured in Forbes

Since quarantine began I’ve been asked to go live with some of my favorite folks: Entrepreneur Magazine, Gary Vee, John Lee— opportunities where I knew so many people would be tuned in! Not only would I have to be on my A game since we’re live, but because most of these asks came kinda last minute, I had to have my lighting and background game on point too!

This past week I shared with Forbes some of my tips for finding the very best place in your house to do lives & zoom calls. I love that Forbes writer Amanda featured all women for this article & am always so honored to be asked my tips and tricks.

— Tara Mackey

Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings is a trailblazer and influential figure in the world of automotive restoration and entertainment.

As the visionary behind Gas Monkey Garage, his journey and expertise offer invaluable insights for individuals passionate about classic cars and automotive entrepreneurship. Beneath an exterior of hype, drama and extreme showmanship is a branding genius and entertainment industry pioneer.

  • Automotive Restoration: As the founder and CEO of Gas Monkey Garage, Rawlings has established a hub that focuses on reviving classic cars, bringing them back to their former glory, and selling them for profit.
  • Voice of Automotive Entertainment: Through his television appearances, especially on “Fast N’ Loud,” and his other media engagements, Rawlings delves into the intricacies of car restoration, the thrill of the hunt for vintage vehicles, and the business side of the automotive world.
  • Classic Car Enthusiast: The Gas Monkey Garage brand, under Rawlings’ leadership, is a treasure trove of automotive restoration projects, behind-the-scenes looks, and valuable tips for those looking to dive into the world of classic cars.

For those aspiring to delve into automotive restoration or to understand turning classic car restoration into an entertainment business, drawing inspiration from Richard Rawlings’ experiences and expertise can steer the way to a successful and thrilling journey.

Richard Rawlings Twitter (@RRRawlings)

Gas Monkey Garage (

3 Reasons To Follow Entrepreneurs

Following other entrepreneurs is crucial for several reasons, both for personal growth and startup success:

  1. Inspiration and Motivation: Witnessing the success stories, challenges, and resilience of other entrepreneurs can provide motivation. It serves as a reminder that challenges are a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey and can be overcome.
  2. Learning Opportunities: By observing the strategies and decisions of others, entrepreneurs can learn what works and what doesn’t. This can help in avoiding common pitfalls and making more informed decisions.
  3. Avoiding Complacency: Watching others innovate and push boundaries can be a reminder to continually assess and evolve one’s own business strategies.


Remember, every entrepreneur’s journey is unique. You have to find the role model that aligns with your own values, interests and aspirations. Don’t be afraid to explore different industries and seek out inspiration from various sources.

Just remember to avoid the fluff content. So many internet celebrities spout motivational nonsense and fill your inbox with sales pitches, which just ends up stealing your time.

The 11 entrepreneurs listed here all have amazing insights to share.

And if you’re looking for more than just inspiration, and you want to fund your startup, check out this post for the best small business investors out there.

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