5 Best HRMS For Sharepoint Teams

Your organization is growing and you need a comprehensive human resources management system, or HRMS, for effective operations. Problem is, your HR team’s core SOPs are designed in the Office 365 environment, and so any HRMS you choose must play ball effortlessly with Sharepoint.

Let’s take a look at the best HR management solutions that integrate with your current HR processes and Sharepoint HR portal.

Overview – Our Top HRMS For Sharepoint Teams

Here’s my shortlist for the best HRMS for Sharepoint teams.

  1. Lanteria
  2. HR365
  3. Zenefits
  4. BambooHR
  5. ScienceSoft

Lanteria – Best HRMS Built on Sharepoint


Lanteria HRMS is a comprehensive HR platform, designed to streamline and automate HR processes within a company. Here are its key features and benefits:

Recruitment and Hiring: The recruitment module automates job posting and compliance with federal labor laws and hiring regulations, optimizing data analysis to expedite the hiring process. It also features templates for recruiters and automates applicant acceptance or rejection based on set criteria.

Onboarding Process: New employees can easily access the employee handbook, job responsibilities and other relevant information they need for onboarding.

Time & Attendance Management: Manages employee working hours, vacations, sick leave, and overtime, maintaining comprehensive time records. It also allows for the generation of reports on employee absenteeism, enhancing workforce management efficiency.

Applicant Management: Lanteria applicant management covers the entire applicant tracking system (ATS) lifecycle. This includes managing job postings, recruitment, sourcing, evaluation, and the onboarding progress of new hires.

Employee Self-Service (ESS): Employees can manage their data, including direct deposits, bill payments, employee benefits and schedule management. The ESS HR site reduces administrative burdens on HR staff.

Workflow Management: This feature includes processes like approval, creation, scheduling, tracking, and process status updates, contributing to better employee engagement and work satisfaction.

Analytics and Reporting: The HR team can quickly access detailed analytics and reporting capabilities about employee performance, by analyzing key metrics like hours spent on projects or customer issues resolved.

Collaboration and Networking: The system encourages collaboration across functions and teams, allowing for easy communication and project management among different departments.

Built to Integrate With Sharepoint

Lanteria HRMS designed to fully integrate with Sharepoint. Starting by leveraging SharePoint’s robust platform for data management and collaboration.

This means that Lanteria effectively utilizes SharePoint for storing and organizing HR-related data, providing a central repository for all HR-related information.

The setup allows for seamless data sharing and collaboration within the HR department and across other departments that use SharePoint.

For the HR team working with SharePoint, it’s easy to adopt Lanteria HR because of the familiar interface and infrastructure. This aids in smooth implementation and reduces the learning curve for users. Additionally, this integration supports the integration with Active Directory, which is often used alongside SharePoint, further streamlining user management and security protocols.

HR365 – Best Template Based HRMS


HR365 has many cool HR solutions that work like magic with Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, and SharePoint Apps. 

From managing employee directories and streamlining help desk services to keeping track of time, expenses, and contracts – HR365 has all the essential stuff you need to run a smooth HR game.

It is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s Sharepoint HR team. Below is a detailed overview of HR365, including its features, pricing, user reviews, and overall functionality:

Integration with Office 365: HR365 leverages Office 365 and SharePoint services, offering a range of technologies to improve organizational efficiency. It allows for seamless integration with existing Office 365 tools and applications.

Customizable and Flexible: The software is known for its flexibility and can be customized to meet specific business needs. It aims to strengthen Payroll Management processes and ensure swift processing without disrupting business operations.

Diverse Applications: HR365 provides various applications, including Asset Management, Timesheet Management, Performance Management, Employee Onboarding, Timeoff Management, and Expense Tracking.

Speed and Efficiency in Payroll Processing: It processes payroll rapidly, capable of handling thousands of employees within minutes. It also generates reports for statutory compliance in user-friendly formats.

Seamless Integration with SharePoint

HR365 taps into SharePoint’s robust data management capabilities, creating a single, secure repository for all HR-related information. This not only streamlines data accessibility but also ensures the security of sensitive information, adhering to the highest standards of data protection and compliance.

By leveraging the well-established communication tools of Sharepoint online, HR365 fosters better inter-departmental interaction. This integration also brings SharePoint’s renowned workflow automation to HR tasks. Tasks like onboarding and leave management become more streamlined, contributing to overall organizational efficiency.

The customization aspect of both HR365 and SharePoint allows for a tailored HR management experience. This means that the integrated system can be finely adjusted to align with your organization’s specific needs and processes, offering a personalized approach to HR management.

Zenefits – Best Cloud Based HRMS

Zenefits is a cloud-based HRMS designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage various HR functions. Here are some key aspects of Zenefits:

Core HR Functions: Zenefits centralizes core human resources activities like employee onboarding, offboarding, employee requests, and maintaining employee records. It allows businesses to manage all aspects of their workforce from a single platform.

Payroll and Benefits Management: The platform includes features for payroll processing, benefits administration, and compliance. It helps businesses manage employee compensations, deductions, and benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and more.

Time and Attendance Tracking: Zenefits offers tools for tracking employee time, attendance, and paid time off (PTO). This includes timesheet management and the ability to handle various types of leaves.

Compliance: The software helps businesses stay compliant with various regulations. It includes features for tax filing, reporting, and ensuring that the business adheres to labor laws and regulations.

Performance Management: Zenefits also includes tools for employee performance, performance reviews, goal setting, and feedback. This helps managers and employees align on objectives and track progress.

Integration and Customization: It offers integration with various third-party applications and services, enhancing its functionality. This allows businesses to connect Zenefits with other tools they use, like accounting software, CRM systems, etc.

User Interface and Accessibility: Zenefits is known for its user-friendly HR portals, making it easy for both HR professionals and employees to navigate. It is accessible on various devices, including smartphones, which enhances its usability.

Analytics and Reporting: The platform provides analytics and reporting features, giving businesses insights into their HR activities and helping them make data-driven decisions.

Customer Support and Resources: Zenefits provides customer support and a range of resources like webinars, guides, and articles to help users get the most out of the platform.

Native Integration With Sharepoint

Zenefits integrates seamlessly with Sharepoint, making accessing and managing HR-related documents smooth. Policies, handbooks, and performance reviews stored in Zenefits can be easily shared and accessed through SharePoint. This centralized storage of documents enhances accessibility and organization.

SharePoint’s collaborative features are enhanced with Zenefits integration. HR processes that require teamwork, such as onboarding tasks or document reviews, can be managed through SharePoint’s collaborative environment, leveraging workflows and permissions for efficient task management.

BambooHR – Best Non-Sharepoint HRMS Platform

BambooHR is a comprehensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software designed primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. It operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, offering a variety of functionalities that streamline HR tasks.

BambooHR is like the superhero of data management and insights. It consolidates all your HR capabilities and integrations into a single platform with a centralized data source. That means no more juggling multiple systems and getting lost in disconnected workflows. Everything’s in one spot.

Here are some key aspects of BambooHR:

Centralized Employee Information: BambooHR centralizes employee information in a single location, making it easier for HR professionals to access and manage pertinent employee data without double data entry.

Wide Range of Functionalities: The platform covers a broad spectrum of HR functionalities, including tracking hours worked, managing benefits, running payroll, overseeing hiring, onboarding, and offboarding processes.

Cloud-Based Software: Being a cloud-based solution, BambooHR ensures that all employee information is stored in a secure, single database, with easy access and management of data from anywhere.

Data-Driven Decision Making: BambooHR aids in guiding strategic, data-driven decisions with a comprehensive library of standard and custom reports. This feature supports businesses in creating a healthy and productive workplace environment by making informed decisions based on accurate data.

Customization and Industry Usage: The software is adaptable, offering customization services to tailor the software to specific business needs. It is widely used across various industries, including software and tech, non-profit, professional services, and health and medical industries, showcasing its versatility and adaptability to different organizational requirements.

Sharepoint Integration Through Tray.io

Integration between BambooHR and SharePoint is made easy with Tray.io’s platform. Tray.io offers robust connectors for both Microsoft SharePoint HR portals and BambooHR, enabling seamless integration.

This integration allows for various operations, including: Updating drive item properties, creating folders, items, and sites, deleting drive items, downloading files, and listing items, lists, and site drives.

For the HR team working in a Sharepoint HR environment, adopting BambooHR is straightforward. It’s not a seamless integration and requires some setting up, but it works.

ScienceSoft – Best Legacy HRMS

ScienceSoft has a SharePoint HR Management System that’s all about making HR processes a breeze for recruiting agencies and HR departments in organizations. They’ve been in the SharePoint game for 16 years and HR software development for 11 years.

But here’s the deal – while ScienceSoft’s SharePoint HR Management System has some excellent features, the SharePoint integration might not be as rock-solid as some other software. It’s not built by HR professionals like some of their competitors’ software, which might affect how user-friendly and HR-specific it is.

Administrative HR: This is all about managing employee info like personal details and activity history. Plus, they’ve got automated notifications for job contract expiration – it’s like magic! And HR teams get handy reports that give them insights into employee performance and turnover.

Employee Lifecycle Management: From onboarding new hires to promotions, transfers, employee feedback to offboarding – ScienceSoft has got it all covered on employee management. With document management and automated approval workflows, handling employee transactions is a piece of cake.

Payroll Management: ScienceSoft’s HRMS collects and manages all the data needed for payroll calculations. It tracks work hours, overtime, deductions, and taxes and even approves salary changes—smooth sailing for payroll processing.

Compensation Management: This is about ensuring your employees get what they deserve. The system determines pay grades and automates compensation planning based on performance metrics.

Benefits Management: Taking care of employee benefits is a breeze with ScienceSoft’s HRMS. It tracks who’s eligible for cool stuff like holiday bonuses, fitness reimbursements, and medical insurance. Plus, it helps manage employee enrollment in benefits programs—no more hassle.

Integration With Sharepoint

ScienceSoft specifically focuses on developing HR software that effectively utilizes SharePoint to streamline HR processes.

Their expertise in this area is geared towards helping recruiting agencies and HR departments of various organizations to make the most out of SharePoint for HR management tasks.

Given this specialization, if your team already uses SharePoint or Sharepoint sites, ScienceSoft’s HRMS solutions would likely integrate smoothly with your existing SharePoint infrastructure, allowing for enhanced HR management capabilities within the familiar SharePoint environment.

How to Effectively Integrate HRMS and SharePoint

Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) typically encompasses a wide array of functionalities, including but not limited to, employee data management, payroll processing, recruitment and hiring processes, benefits administration, performance evaluation, and learning management systems. It goes beyond just managing paid leave.

The goal of an HRMS is to streamline the HR process, improve efficiency, and provide strategic insights into workforce management.

The Role of SharePoint in HRMS

Microsoft SharePoint, a widely used platform for collaboration and information sharing, plays a significant role in enhancing HRMS capabilities.

SharePoint serves as a centralized storage for documents and data, making it an ideal platform for managing HR documents like policies, the employee handbook, performance reviews, and training materials for new hires. A Sharepoint site is a great starting point to build a self service portal for HR.

Its integration with HRMS can lead to improved document management, easier access to information, and enhanced collaboration among HR team members and across departments.

Major benefits of integrating HRMS with a Sharepoint HR portal:

  1. Secure Document Management: All HR documents are stored in a secure, accessible, and organized manner.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: SharePoint’s collaborative workspace is a great way to build a self service portal for HR processes.
  3. Data Consistency and Accuracy: Employee information updated in the HRMS is automatically reflected in SharePoint, reducing the risk of data discrepancies.
  4. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Automation reduces manual work, minimizes errors, and speeds up processes like employee onboarding, leave requests, compliance training and performance evaluations.

Your Turn

If you’ve built your organization on Office 365 and your HR team is used to using Sharepoint, there’s no reason to move to an HRMS built on a completely different platform.

In this article, you’ve seen the best HR management systems for Sharepoint HR teams. Some integrate loosely with Sharepoint, some are directly built with Sharepoint in mind, like Lanteria.

Check them out to see which one complements your workflow the best.

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