10 Best Communities For Startup Founders

As startup founders, our journey can often feel like a solo trek up Everest. You’re constantly juggling a dozen hats – diving into market research, pulling late-night coding sessions, crafting perfect pitches – all while being the chief problem-solver.

Ever wish you had a guiding hand from an experienced mentor?

That’s where the magic of the right startup community comes in. In this article, we’re rounding up ten of the best communities for startup founders.

So, let’s gear up and explore these entrepreneurial havens together.

Our Shortlist of Best Startup Communities

  1. The Snowball Club
  2. eCommerceFuel
  3. Indie Hackers
  4. Product Hunt
  5. GrowthHackers
  6. GrowthMentor
  7. StartupNation
  8. SaaStr
  9. Nomad List
  10. Startup Grind

1. The Snowball Club

The Snowball Club is more than just a startup community – it’s a powerhouse of collective wisdom, opportunities, and invaluable personal connections for the discerning entrepreneur.

This vibrant peer network is the go-to hub for entrepreneurs and those with an entrepreneurial mindset, all united in their pursuit of health, wealth, and abundant living.

Not Your Typical Run-of-the-mill Community

The Snowball Club explores unique asset classes like micro private equity, private credit, and DeFi, offering insights into unconventional wealth-building avenues.

If you’re an entrepreneur-turned-investor, a founder with a history of success, or someone with multiple income streams you’ll fit perfectly into Snowball’s fabric.

Their members are drawn to alternative investments and are passionate about building real wealth, not just getting rich. They value a quality life marked by health and productivity and are keen to share their expertise while embracing continuous learning and constructive feedback.

It’s not a group for beginners. Geoff, the community’s chief rainmaker, personally connects with potential members to ensure fit and harmony. 


For $300 per quarter (a rate locked in for early members), The Snowball Club offers a treasure trove of benefits. Members gain access to an engaged digital community, weekly curated deal flows, exclusive offers from fellow members, and educational sessions with expert guests. It’s one of the best communities where sharing and support are the norms, and every member is both a teacher and a learner.

2. eCommerceFuel

eCommerceFuel is a vibrant community exclusively for seasoned entrepreneurs operating 7- and 8-figure eCommerce businesses.

With over 1,200 members, this startup community is a no-go zone for vendors or beginners but a gathering of experienced sellers sharing deep, practical eCommerce insights.

What You Get When You Join

Joining eCommerceFuel will grant you access to their dynamic discussion forum with thousands of new comments monthly and a vast archive of eCommerce wisdom. Professionally moderated, this space is free from sales pitches and low-quality content.

Another benefit is their review directory boasting over 20,000 reviews on everything eCommerce, from ERP solutions to agencies. These are unbiased, real-world experiences from fellow members, devoid of affiliate links or hidden agendas.

You’ll also get to connect with a rolodex of 1,000+ store owners, enjoy invites to local and national events, and access member-only gatherings like ECF Live.

The eCommerceFuel membership requirements include owning a 7-figure+ ecommerce business, willingness to contribute and share knowledge, and not being a vendor or beginner.

There’s also the 8-figure tier, tailored for high-revenue sellers, providing exclusive access to a private discussion area, annual events, and roundtables addressing critical market adjustments. It’s an investment in unparalleled advice and community support, driving growth and success in the competitive world of eCommerce.


The regular membership costs $149/month, billed quarterly, with a $1 trial for the first 30 days. The 8-figure membership is $299/month.

eCommerceFuel assures a 10x ROI on membership fees in the first year, with a unique guarantee of a full refund plus an additional $1,000 if this isn’t realized.

3. Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is unique among startup communities. Here young entrepreneurs and future founders of profitable online businesses converge to share their journeys, insights, and strategies.

What You Get When You Join

Once you become a member, you’re part of a vibrant network of over 32,000 indie hackers, each running their unique ventures and willing to share their experiences.

This community is a melting pot of ideas, where global connections are forged and local meetups bring digital conversations to life. Members engage in various topics, from marketing strategies to personal interests, fostering a rich environment for collaboration and growth. They can follow and share their own projects, benefitting from the collective wisdom of the community.

Feedback, challenges, and triumphs are shared openly, providing a real-time learning experience. The platform also offers resources like a scientific guide for goal setting and comprehensive support for starting your business.

Creativity Thrives In Indie Hackers

Navigate the products section to discover what others are building, drawing inspiration for your next big idea. The community’s content library is a treasure trove of knowledge, featuring interviews with members, podcasts addressing common entrepreneurial challenges, and growth bites to assist in the product-building process.

Through local meetups, networking events, and learning sessions, Indie Hackers is an ecosystem where ideas flourish, partnerships form, and success stories are born. It’s an ideal platform for anyone looking to embark on or enhance their entrepreneurial journey in the online business world.


While membership at Indie Hackers is free, it’s exclusive – you need an invitation from an existing member to join.

4. Product Hunt

Product Hunt stands as a dynamic, collaborative platform where makers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts gather to build, exchange reviews, and support each other in presenting groundbreaking products.

It’s a space ripe with innovation and creativity. This is ideal for tech startups and future founders discovering new products and ideas, as well as for building an audience as a startup founder.

In the Product Hunt startup community, members are actively engaged in reviewing their peers’ products, casting votes for their favorites, and discussing the myriad challenges of product development.

What You Get When You Join

This platform is invaluable for anyone, offering a wealth of feedback and support from a community of fellow founders. It’s also a place to share your own product-building journey with those on similar paths.

Their open discussion forum is a hive of activity where members exchange insights and share tools and software. Launching products can be tough, but in Product Hunt, you’re not alone. You can always leverage the support of experienced founders to refine your ideas and enhance your product outcomes.

Product Hunt goes beyond the digital realm with meetups for startup founders globally.

These events offer unique opportunities to learn from the experiences of other makers, providing support to navigate and overcome the hurdles that might impede your product launch.

Everyone’s invited to participate in local and official Product Hunt meetups to discuss launching strategies, learn together, and have fun.


Signing up is free.

5. GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers is a premier global community for business growth professionals, fostering a cross-functional, value-based approach to help organizations scale.

Drawing on tactics used by top companies worldwide, this platform is a haven for tech startup founders and those looking to elevate their growth strategies.

Creating a personalized network within GrowthHackers is simple and free. By setting up a profile, members can dive into thematic discussions, share insights, and engage with like-minded professionals. This community encourages its members to contribute to moderation, ensuring the conversation remains high-quality and relevant.

For those wanting to delve deeper into industry-specific conversations, GrowthHackers offers a premium subscription.

What You Get When You Join

This grants access to the CRO Premium Room, a private group filled with exclusive content, perks, and specialized support. As a premium member, you’ll get curated content and expert support to enhance decision-making and impact your career trajectory.

The trove of weekly content includes email newsletters of top industry insights and live sessions for real-time problem-solving. Exclusive workshops and AMAs with experienced professionals offer in-depth insights.

With GrowthHackers, you can customize your feed to follow discussions that resonate with your interests, connecting you with a network of peers in your industry.

You’ll also be able to join conferences and live sessions led by successful professionals, offering inspiration and practical advice for overcoming growth challenges.


GrowthHacker’s community is free upon invitation. Their premium subscription costs $239/year.

6. GrowthMentor

GrowthMentor is meant for those seeking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the marketing industry.

Born from the founder’s own learning journey, this platform embodies the essence of human connection and active learning. It’s a commitment to fostering a collaborative environment where asking for help and peer-learning are celebrated.

At the heart of GrowthMentor are 300+ carefully vetted mentors, each bringing a wealth of experience from various industries. These mentors are more than just guides – they’re partners in your growth journey, offering mentorship and coaching services tailored to your unique needs.

They’ll get your ideas validated and provide practical advice to propel your career forward.

What You Get When You Join

For a monthly subscription, members gain unlimited access to mentorship calls – personalized guidance sessions with experts who understand the nuances of driving growth in top companies globally.

The platform’s robust filtering system allows you to connect with mentors who match your specific requirements, ensuring relevant and impactful advice. You can easily create help requests and connect with mentors through a scheduling system in the app. These sessions, conducted via Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts, are gateways to expert help tailored to your queries.

You can also opt for monthly 1:1 accountability packages, including weekly coaching sessions, to keep your goals on track and enhance your performance.


GrowthMentor offers three pricing plans:

  • Lite: $50/month (provides 3 mentorship calls/month)
  • Pro: $75/month (for unlimited monthly calls)
  • Team: $200/month (access to reporting, analytics, and GrowthMentor’s core team)

7. StartupNation

StartupNation is a great group for startup founders, having nurtured millions of professional journeys over nearly two decades.

Founded by Jeff Sloan, a businessman with a passion for sharing knowledge and creating networking avenues, this platform epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurial camaraderie.

Joining StartupNation is a step into a bright, engaging community where like-minded individuals gather.

Membership is free, opening doors to vibrant discussion forums and a treasure trove of resources for professionals keen on elevating their careers. This community is a dynamic space for interactive learning, where members tap into the collective wisdom of experts across various fields.

What You Get When You Join

The platform offers a plethora of learning materials, including podcasts, blog articles, webinars, and interactive guides, all curated by the StartupNation team.

These resources are designed to enhance your skills and guide you in transforming business ideas into profitable ventures, essential for both existing small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

A Networking Powerhouse

Here, you’ll find entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, including sole proprietors, home-based business owners, and part-timers. The forums provide a vast stage for seeking feedback, asking specific questions, and engaging in meaningful discussions. There, you can initiate new topics to garner insights and practical advice from fellow professionals.


Signing up is free.

8. SaaStr

SaaStr is one of the best communities for SaaS founders, executives, and entrepreneurs, aimed specifically at aiding members to scale their ventures from $0 to $100 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) using smarter, more efficient strategies.

It’s a hub for those who aren’t just running SaaS businesses, but also for those determined to elevate them to new heights.

Large Scale Events

SaaStr stands out from other startup communities for hosting large-scale events. These bring together hundreds of professionals globally through both in-person and digital gatherings. These events are great for networking and provide immersive experiences designed to foster connections among SaaS professionals.

In line with this mission, SaaStr also offers an innovative app that matches individuals based on shared interests, facilitating deeper engagement within the community.

What You Get When You Join

SaaStr’s resources are extensive, including a vibrant Quora community for daily engagement. For those seeking more in-depth insight, the SaaStr Pro monthly plan is a gateway to advanced leadership training. This membership offers structured guidance to enhance your team’s skills, access to AMAs with industry leaders, and special discounts for events and other member perks.

Additionally, the platform offers a rich library of podcasts, videos, and ebooks available to support various growth stages of a SaaS business. Then there’s the access to cross-functional training programs designed to mold better leaders and boost team performance.


The SaaStr Pro plan is priced at Starting at $299/month.

9. Nomad List

Nomad List emerges as a vital community for the modern traveler and remote worker, boasting over 28,000 members.

It’s a comprehensive platform offering essential information and tools for globetrotters. For a one-time fee, members gain lifetime access to a suite of resources designed to streamline the nomadic lifestyle.

What You Get When You Join

At the core of Nomad List are the research tools that enable members to pinpoint their next destination. Users can filter by interests, locations, and lifestyles to find and connect with like-minded individuals.

From city guides detailing cost of living and coworking spaces to job opportunities and quality of life indices, the platform empowers you to make informed decisions about where to head next. Allowing access to detailed analyses of over 195 countries, Nomad List is awesome for planning your remote work setups efficiently. Even without a membership, you can access a list of cities and basic information, making it a versatile tool for all travelers.

Connection Through A Dedicated Slack Community

The community thrives on connectivity, facilitated through Slack Pro and Discord channels. Here, nomads share job opportunities and experiences, fostering a sense of unity among remote workers worldwide. The platform also includes a unique twist – a dating section for those looking to find friends or partners who share their love for travel.

Another benefit you get with Nomad List is the option to organize your journeys and track your progress through their sophisticated tracking platform. You can also utilize tools like the Financial Independence Calculator to manage your finances effectively while on the move.


Nomads List’s membership costs a $79.99 one-time fee.

10. Startup Grind

Startup Grind is one of the world’s largest startup communities, boasting a staggering membership of over 5 million individuals across more than 125 countries.

Founded in 2010, this vibrant founders network unites founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators with a singular vision: to foster a diverse, inclusive, and non-judgmental environment where members can learn, grow, and evolve together.

Two Flagship Annual Events

Central to Startup Grind’s ethos is the organization of local chapters and virtual events across the globe, alongside two flagship annual events – the Global Conference, which includes the Startup Summit, and the Tech Summit.

These events are carefully designed to enable founders to network with industry leaders, gain insights from expert speakers, benefit from mentorship opportunities, and engage in interactive workshops and roundtable discussions.

What You Get When You Join

As the largest startup community globally, Startup Grind members have ample opportunities to find local chapters and engage with peers in their region.

The community prides itself on its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, offering a safe space for all members to thrive. Everyone who participates can also enjoy special discounts and offers from Startup Grind’s partners, providing tangible benefits to burgeoning startups.

Those interested in becoming a member of the Startup Grind community can choose from:

  • The student membership, tailored for entrepreneurial-minded students. This membership facilitates connections with peers worldwide through virtual events. It offers a rich mix of educational content, mentorship opportunities, and access to potential employers.
  • The startup membership, ideal for early-stage, tech-driven startups. This membership grants access to the annual Startup Summit, a private platform for networking, and an array of benefits including introductions to investors, brand showcasing opportunities, mentorship, and curated content.


Both memberships are free but require an application and acceptance process.

Your Turn

As shown by these remarkable communities, it’s clear that the landscape of entrepreneurship is as diverse as it’s dynamic. Each community we featured above, offers a unique blend of resources, connections, and opportunities. They’re all ecosystems where dreams are nurtured, challenges are shared, and successes are celebrated.

They offer mentorship, learning resources, and a sense of belonging that can be pivotal in your entrepreneurial journey. The key is to find the one that resonates with your goals and values. If you didn’t find a community suitable for you in this list, keep an eye on these venture capital blogs for more valuable leads.

Remember, no one thrives in isolation. So, take the leap and join a community that aligns with your aspirations.

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