Choosing a domain for your company or new website may seem straightforward at first, but with a crowded marketplace and stiff competition for common names, finding an available domain – not to mention related social media usernames – can quickly turn into a long process.

Fortunately there are a slew of new tools to help you find the perfect domain name without spending forever practicing your word association skills.

The sites below not only help you search for your ideal domain keyword, but find related domains, phrases, social media profiles and more in a variety of combinations.


Go beyond .com, .net and .org and find a unique domain at… see what they did there? The domain search engine finds unusual top level domains (known as TLDs or gTLDs) that work with your given keyword.

Looking to start a niche site or simply waiting for inspiration to strike? can help you out. If the suggested domain name you see on the single page site isn’t “dumb enough” just click “Go again!” for another suggestion. Funny, nonsensical and just plain dumb domains are shown with their price and a link to purchase.


Endless Domains

Using your desired domain keyword or phrase as a starting point, Endless Domains will come up with associated words and phrases combined with the new gTLDs. While the suggestions are sometimes seemingly unrelated, the tool is meant to help you think outside of the box and consider words and phrases you may not have thought of on your own.


Dictionary Domains

Dictionary Domains lists out simple domains – just one word plus the gTLD – in alphabetical order. Easy.


name | grep

name | grep considers itself a ‘domain name search for hackers’ since it lets you search for domains by regular expressions (a way of matching a search pattern with the terms you’re interested in) and curated sets (lists of related items) using .com, .net and .org TLDs.



Using an intelligent ranking and classification program, NameMesh will take your keyword and find related available domains broken out by different categories such as domains with the common TLDs, emphasis on SEO, shortened names and more. The site also features a ‘company name generator’ to help you find even more keyword ideas.


Hipster Domain Finder

Hipster Domain Finder allows you to search for domain hacks (the term used for combining unconventional domains and TLDs) filtered by TLD and resulting in domains like and



More than just a domain search tool, Namevine lets you search for matching social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, to make sure your company has a unified online presence.



Along with providing a domain search (including domains in countries around the world and variations of your initial search term), Panabee also checks availability for app names and social media usernames on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.



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