15 Best Investor Twitter Accounts to Follow For Startup Owners

As a startup owner, it’s vitally important to stay current with the investment world.

Funding your startup is the obvious reason to keep tabs on investing accounts, but it’s also a great way to stay current in financial trends and market developments. Twitter might not be the most obvious social media platform to do this, but it’s really effective.

To save you the trouble of trawling through the bottom layers of Twitter, we’ve listed the top 15 investors on Twitter worth following.

Our Selection of Best Investor Twitter Accounts to Follow

  1. Travis Jamison
  2. Ryan Hoover
  3. Brian Feroldi
  4. Brad Freeman
  5. Xavier Helgesen
  6. Bill Gurley
  7. Indievc
  8. Bob Elliot
  9. Patrick O’Shaughnessy
  10. Trevor Scott
  11. Harry Stebbings
  12. Elizabeth Yin
  13. Ben Thompson
  14. Jason C. Buck
  15. VCs Congratulating Themselves

Travis Jamison


Travis Jamison is a serial entrepreneur with multiple profitable exits under his belt, the largest of which was AMZ Tracker, sold for $10M in 2015 with his co-founder. Jamison owns multiple businesses in various industries like SEO, domain flipping and crypto assets, and he’s now focused on investing and growing cash positive businesses.

Alongside Richard Patey, Jamison founded the entrepreneur community Snowball Club to foster a space for like-minded individuals to discuss investments, startups, and online businesses.

Follow Travis for investment ideas, but also fundamental business advice.

Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover’s Product Hunt is the online community enabling makers to list their new products and consumers to discover handy tools that could change their workflows.

After selling Product Hunt in 2016, Hoover founded Weekend Fund, investing in early-stage startups and writing typically between $100k and $300k. But what makes his Twitter feed such a great follow isn’t just his knack for discovering (and featuring) interesting new tech finds. 

More importantly, Hoover regularly communicates his thoughts on what makes startups successful, along with advice for making future acquisitions less challenging. Plus, he’s often candid with his experience as an investor, which can be particularly helpful to those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Brian Feroldi

Want to learn about investing beyond just random stock tips? Brian Feroldi’s Twitter account is a great place to start understanding the financial market as a whole.

As an author, investor, and teacher (as well as the person behind the Long Term Mindset newsletter, which has earned the trust of over 90k subscribers), Brian Feroldi has a lot to offer to people interested in building their wealth.

What makes his tweets such great reads isn’t just that he’s willing to share his knowledge and insights for free. But even more, he does so with the help of visuals, making the learning process that much easier and faster.

Of course, if you’ve already started investing in the stock market, you’ll understand most of the basic principles Feroldi shares with his followers. Nonetheless, you might still benefit from his insights, especially when it comes to those much-needed reminders to think about the long game and the big picture.

Brad Freeman

What can you expect to receive from a Twitter account using the handle “StockMarketNerd”? Stock market insights, financial news and superb insights into stock trading, that’s what.

By regularly publishing on his website, sending a weekly newsletter, and posting daily on his Twitter account, Brad Freeman has created an invaluable, straightforward set of resources in terms of stock market news. 

Whether you’re interested in learning about company deep dives, potential investing strategies, or personal commentary from someone hard at work building their wealth, Freeman is the person to follow.

Of course, you can also use the StockMarketNerd tweets to get some ideas on where to try your luck next on the market. However, if you’re going to take on copycat investing, make sure you’re also doing due diligence, as blindly following someone else’s actions can’t possibly be the right path to healthy finances.

Xavier Helgesen

This Twitter account is owned by Xavier Helgesen, the founder of Enduring Ventures, a long-term holding company that aims to buy and build value-driven businesses. Follow this account for tips and insights on financial markets, investing, trading, and entrepreneurship.

What stands out about Helgesen’s feed is his no-filter approach to commenting on the latest finance-world news, from conveying his thoughts on current developments to sharing his personal experiences with building and running a company.

However, if you’re interested in a bit less commentary and more actionable tips on building a business, head on over to the feed of the co-founder of Enduring Ventures: Sieva Kozinsky. His tweets deliver a solid mix of investing insights and tips for entrepreneurs, along with some first-rate bread-baking content.

Bill Gurley

Looking to fill your Twitter feed with the thoughts of people who have been in the investing game since the mid-90s? In that case, make sure you give a follow to Bill Guryel.

As a general partner at Benchmarkthe VC firm that funded the likes of eBay, Uber, Discord, Dropbox, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more – Gurley has a tremendous amount of industry experience. However, what makes his Twitter presence so special is that he regularly picks specific snippets of breaking news. Then, he offers his two cents on the topic.

The result is a curated collection of advice for entrepreneurs, commentary on ongoing market trends and industry events, and a never-ending compilation of the latest good reads from the tech world. 


This is the official Twitter account of the VC fund Indie, built by Bryce Roberts. What can you expect to see on the Twitter feed of a venture capital firm whose homepage only features a burning unicorn head?

Well, even though you might think that Indievc is totally opposed to supporting big companies, the truth isn’t that black and white.

In reality, Indievc is a VC fund that prioritizes freedom. Its founder, Byrce Roberts, firmly believes that entrepreneurs must have the option to choose when and if they want to scale. Moreover, the companies this fund supports all have one thing in common — a strong company culture and an independent approach to shaping the future.

This account can be a good source of advice on building customer-centric businesses and raising capital without taking on unnecessary risk.

Bob Elliot

If you’re into data and educational content, one of the best finance Twitter accounts you need to follow is Bob Elliot.

As the CEO and chief investment strategist at Unlimited Funds and the host of the Bob Elliot Unlimited YouTube channel, this content creator focuses on presenting followers with data and discussing how that data reflects on current market conditions.

However, in addition to calling your attention to tiny bits of information that could impact the macroeconomy, the greatest value of Elliot’s Twitter account is in the active community. What you’ll see with each tweet isn’t just a piece of info with one person’s commentary. But often, other investors and experts will join in on the discussion, making Elliot’s feed an excellent place to gain a more thorough understanding of current economic topics.

Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Patrick O’Shaughnessy is a partner and CEO at Positive Sum, a venture capital fund dedicated to helping entrepreneurs “do their life’s work.” But while a quick look at his portfolio offers sufficient testimony to this man’s talent for sniffing out a company’s potential for success, the reason you want to follow his Twitter account is far more straightforward.

In addition to sharing his thoughts on industry news (with a lean toward lifestyle businesses), O’Shaughnessy also hosts a great podcast — Invest Like the Best

In the show, he interviews some of the most successful investors and business leaders currently active. In turn, this means that his Twitter followers get a much-appreciated heads-up regarding when an episode is about to drop as well as a good selection of main takeaways from each episode.

Trevor Scott

Want to hear the thoughts of someone who doesn’t mince their words on corporate finance? If that’s the case, Trevor Scott is the investor you need to follow on Twitter.

As the Portfolio Manager at Tidefall Capital, an organization that follows the value-based investment framework, Scott always focuses on the end game. 

His tweets are direct, short, and, most often, unexpected. Nonetheless, you can’t say there isn’t any truth or value to his opinions. So, if you’re looking to populate your Twitter feed with a diverse set of voices (as you should), definitely give Scott a follow.

Harry Stebbings

If you’re into podcasts, you’ve probably heard of Harry Stebbings, the man behind the 20 minute VC show. And for a guy who went from asking his mother if they could unplug the home phone so he could record a podcast episode in the kitchen to someone who raised a venture capital fund totaling $140 in assets, he obviously knows how to get a project off the ground.

If you’re looking for investor Twitter accounts with value to offer on everything from personal finance to latest business news, make sure you give Stebbings a follow.

Not only will you get reminders about the latest 20VC episodes right there on your Twitter feed. But more importantly, Stebbings is really into sharing snippets of experience. And that means you might just learn a few handy lessons that could help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Elizabeth Yin

Looking for some unexpected nuggets of knowledge? If that’s the case, you definitely need to head on over to Elizabeth Yin’s Twitter profile.

The co-founder of Hustle Fund and her associates believe that great hustlers look like anyone and come from anywhere. In other words, this investor genuinely believes in democratizing wealth via entrepreneurship. 

Yin is great at dedicating her Twitter feed to presenting followers with advice and encouragement. She often posts tips for founders, regularly retweets interesting content, and every now and then, she composes in-depth threads regarding rarely-talked-about topics that can affect startups in unexpected ways.

Ben Thompson

Valuable insights for investors and entrepreneurs often come from sources like Ben Thompson of Stratechery, who provides deep dives into tech and media breaking news. His analysis offers foresight into future trends, making his Twitter a go-to for more than just financial advice or technical analysis.

Expect updates from Stratechery, podcast links, interesting reads, and personal observations, including experiences like attending the Taylor Swift Eras tour.

Jason C. Buck

For safeguarding investments and making cautious decisions, Jason Buck is a valuable follow for investment advice and financial insight. Stock traders and active traders pay attention for insightful conversations with people like Richard Brennan. Transitioning from commercial real estate to risk management post-2008, Buck, Mutiny Funds’ co-founder, shares valuable insights.

His feed includes retweets and comments from fellow investors, updates on his podcast episodes, and engaging discussions with successful entrepreneurs and investors.

VCs Congratulating Themselves

If you’re looking for a light-hearted break from the serious world of entrepreneurship and investing, check out “VCs Congratulating Themselves” on Twitter. It’s a hilarious account that pokes fun at the self-congratulatory posts of founders and investors.

This is probably not the best Twitter account for economic trends or investment advice. It serves more as a reminder to take a break once in a while, and that it’s not all so serious.

If you ever find your tweet featured, take it in stride, laugh at yourself, and remember to keep your work serious, not your ego. Plus, you might just enjoy a bit of unexpected fame!

How We Chose These Accounts To Follow

We aimed to curate a list of Twitter accounts that would offer the most value to startups and entrepreneurs looking for guidance, inspiration, and investment opportunities. We wanted to go beyond your bog standard Wall Street Journal and find the finance Twitter accounts of people who actually live the investor life, and not the Twitter-life.

Here’s some of the criteria we used to choose the Twitter accounts for this list.

1. Expertise and Track Record

We prioritized investors who not only have a proven track record of successful investments but also possess a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem.

These individuals offer not just capital but invaluable advice and mentorship to the companies they invest in.

2. Industry Diversity

Recognizing that startups span a wide range of industries, we sought out investors with expertise in various fields.

Whether you’re in tech, healthcare, education, or any other sector, our list includes thought leaders with relevant experience and insights.

3. Engagement and Activity Level

The value of following an investor on Twitter isn’t just in the content they share but also in their engagement with the community.

The accounts listed here are not only active but also interact with their followers, share insights, and contribute to discussions about trends, challenges, and opportunities in the startup world.

4. Quality of Content

We evaluated the quality of content shared by the investors, including their original tweets, retweets, and replies.

Our focus was on those who provide actionable advice, thoughtful commentary on industry trends, and transparent sharing of their investment philosophy and decision-making process.

5. Influence and Reach

While follower count was not the primary criterion, we considered the influence and reach of the investor’s Twitter account.

This includes their ability to spark discussions, influence trends, and provide exposure to new ideas, technologies, and startups.

6. Recommendations and Community Feedback

We also took into account recommendations from startup founders, other investors, and industry experts.

Feedback from the startup community helped us identify investors who are genuinely committed to fostering growth and innovation.

7. Diversity and Inclusion

In line with our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, we made an effort to include investors from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

This enriches the advice and insights available to startups and contributes to a more inclusive and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Your Turn

From all the social media sites, Twitter may not be the first choice for startup owners to look for community or like-minded people. But the truth is that Twitter is an easily accessible platform for anyone to tap into a wealth of insights from thought leaders.

While Twitter can be a valuable resource for investors and startup business owners, it’s essential to approach it with caution. Always cross-reference information, avoid getting swayed by hype, and stay aligned with your investment goals. These 15 Twitter accounts can be a powerful tool in your investment toolkit, but never rely on them as the sole guide. Remember to check out or post on venture capitalist blogs too.

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