6 Questions with Christina Hawatmeh, Founder of Scopio

Christina Hawatmeh is the Founder and CEO of Scopio, a social image agency that streamlines the copyright process for user generated images and videos. 

1. First of all, can you tell us a little about your role and what you do at Scop.io?

I am the Founder and CEO of Scopio, I invented the company as a social experiment during my masters at Columbia University, and fell in love with the power of images, and it has been 3 years now in the making.

We streamline the copyright process for user generated images and videos in real-time. People get paid for their work, where in the past they have not been, and clients finally have an effective way to use social images-in real time!

We just launched our product. We license images per image or “all you can eat” SAAS model via custom dashboard. We encourage companies interested to use more user generated content to contact us.

One of my favorite facts is that User generated Images attract 10x more clicks on websites. People want authentic, not produced scenes or stock photography. See below how we solve this problem.

As a founder, you are in every part of the business, so my role is whatever we are all working on at the time. I don’t like the phrase “wear multiple hats” but its like wearing all of them at once and every day you either take a small step or a leap, but you just keep going.

My role is to also keep everyone going. Nowadays, it’s also raising our seed round and focusing on the user experience.

2. Can you tell us a little about your go to market strategy, current growth/marketing channels are working for you right now?

Our go to market is advertising agencies and bigger brands, that manage many of the household names you know of.

We solve two problems for companies: finding and legally using images and videos from social, while seizing the opportunity to build a global marketplace for people to make money from their images.

Scopio created an all-inclusive, transaction-enabled platform to bring order image consumers who need the right technological and legal architecture that matches the growth of contributor content online.

User generated media attract more hits and views than stock photography. People are desensitized to glossy ads and perfectly shot clips.

1. We find and curate image content from social media through high technology. Today is manual, messy and limited.

2. End to end solution for attaining rights to use said content.

Companies face immense liabilities, and can’t effectively use images without permissions.

Marketing Strategy: B2B and B2C huge advantages and economies of scale. B2B: – Partnership with major media company brings huge advantages and economies of scale. – Partnership with growing image application, Worldview.

Target large and relevant ad agencies to set up limited product trials to legally purchase UCG and creatively deploy it for the brands they develop.

B2C: Contributor Side – Automated rights requests directly on our social accounts builds a snowball effect. – Building trust/awareness on user rights sharing content. – New Financial opportunity for contributors: “get paid for pics you already posted.”

We have launched our pilot dashboard, and have 20-30 pilots with major ad agencies/brands/media publishers lined up for the new year.

3. What is the biggest mistake you have made with Scopio so far that other founders can learn from?

We went through a massive rebrand. I think my biggest mistake was holding back my original idea flourish into a bigger concept, naming is everything, and I should have just stopped and rebranded when I knew it was time to let our seedling grow, and become what it was already morphing into.

4. Let’s talk you… what apps, blogs, and tools can’t you live without?

I love instagram, and twitter, and those are the channels we work with now, I never get bored of them. We have been experimenting with twitter’s api searching on images for 2 years now, and it just gets more and more interesting, especially the real time event aspect on twitter.

I love Facebook because I love to read what articles my friends are reading. I think its better than watching any sort of news channel. Logistically, I love any functional app that makes my life easier like mobile banking, boring but necessary.

5. What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack?

Good friends/advisors. If someone knows the answer to your question, just ask them. The trick is having strong enough relationships where this is an easy answer. With some of my startup friends, I only have 60 seconds of their time, but that answer is worth like 5 hours of research.

That goes on the tech side, design side, business side, everything. Relationships are everything. I would go a step further to say women are even more attuned to asking others/giving help. No need to repeat a mistake someone else has made.

6. What resource have you watched/read/listened to that’s had the biggest impact on your business/life so far this year, and why?

I was fully made in Columbia University. I was around some great professors and peers that were going or went through the same process that are extremely helpful and have complimentary skills.

Check out their materials if you are looking to start something, they’re really practical, especially on customer discovery. Bob Dorf has great videos for pitching, check him out.

Check out Scopio’s offering below

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