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Top VC Blogs

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Whether you’re looking to raise money for your startup, or you’re an investor in the venture community looking to keep up with the best venture capital content around, following the top VC blogs can really give you an information advantage.

Even if you’re a bootstrapper, generally the top VC’s can have incredible insights into the funding markets or technological advances at the top startups. They are probably worth a follow.

I made it easy for you to keep up. In this article, I’ve gathered the top 10 venture capital blogs with the best insider perspectives, industry insights, and practical advice that helped me on my journey.

Top 10 Best Venture Capital Blogs

Here are 10 venture capital blogs, where VCs share their investment strategies, startup trends, industry developments, and personal reflections.


Both Sides of the Table (Mark Suster)

“Both Sides of the Table” is a blog by Mark Suster, a two-time entrepreneur and VC at UpfrontVC.

The blog offers a deep dive into entrepreneurship, startups, and venture capital. Recent posts cover topics like valuation trends, the future of the venture capital market, and significant achievements of Upfront Ventures.

His insights provide valuable perspectives for anyone involved in the startup ecosystem.

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Feld Thoughts

The “Feld Thoughts” blog is authored by Brad Feld, a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and venture capitalist.

His posts provide a deep dive into the venture capital world, helping founders understand the investor’s perspective and navigate investment deals. His book reviews often cover topics relevant to entrepreneurship, offering resources for continuous learning and growth.

Feld’s personal experiences and lessons learned from the tech industry can serve as a practical guide for founders, helping them understand industry trends and avoid common pitfalls.

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Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison is the owner of the investment community investing.io, and is both a serial founder, cashflow business investor, and a venture capitalist.

After years in venture, he now generally prefers to focus on company sustainability and a cashflow-first-mentality vs what he views as “just aiming for the next round”. He writes checks of his own instead of through a fund, so he’s able to keep a more longterm focus in mind, aiming to help build quality companies over the longterm for those who the traditional VC model may not fit.

He’s also the founder of Smash.vc and Smash Digital.

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Paul Graham’s Essays


Paul Graham’s blog, known for its thought-provoking essays, provides invaluable insights for startup founders.

Drawing from his experiences as a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and cofounder of Y Combinator, Graham shares practical advice on topics relevant to building a successful startup.

For instance, “On Scalability” emphasizes the need for founders to actively drive their startup’s growth, while “On Startup Ideas” offers guidance on identifying worthwhile ideas. “On Doing What You Love” explores the journey towards turning passion into profitable work.

“On Ramen Profitability” introduces a unique perspective on startup profitability, emphasizing the value of buying time.

It’s good stuff.

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Chris Dixon’s Blog


Chris Dixon’s blog is a valuable resource for startup founders due to his expert insights on entrepreneurship, investing, and technology.

Dixon, an investor and entrepreneur with experience in early stage technology companies, leverages his extensive knowledge to provide strategies for startups and venture investing.

His posts cover a wide range of topics, including effective use of social media, online advertising, and understanding the VC industry. He offers practical advice like timing startups appropriately and developing new startup ideas, using real-world examples, like YouTube, to illustrate his points.

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Above the Crowd

“Above the Crowd” is a blog written by venture capital veteran Bill Gurley, offering invaluable insights into the world of startups and high technology businesses.

By reading this venture capital blog, you can gain a deeper understanding of the venture capital landscape, potential business pitfalls, and the process of going public. You’ll also gain insight into economic theories and their implications for the contemporary economy.

The blog provides a rare glimpse into the internal workings of a venture capital firm, with posts detailing changes within Benchmark Capital, Gurley’s firm. Therefore, the blog serves as a comprehensive guide for early stage startups, helping them navigate their entrepreneurial journey, understand market trends, and make informed decisions about their business strategy.

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SaaStr is run by Jason Lemkin, a serial tech entrepreneur and VC who was previously the CEO of successful companies like EchoSign and the vice president of Adobe Systems.

This venture capital blog is the world’s largest community for B2B/SaaS founders and because of Lemkin’s substantial experience in the tech and SaaS industries. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and anyone interested in SaaS companies and scaling businesses.

The topics are focused on insights and advice for SaaS companies. The content ranges from posts on company growth, career advice, leadership, insights from CEOs and founders, and more.

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Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans is an experienced analyst and VC at Andreessen Horowitz, with expertise in mobile, media, and technology.

His blog serves as a platform where he shares in-depth insights into tech trends and developments.

Content includes essays on various topics, a weekly newsletter highlighting significant tech occurrences, annual presentations on industry trends, and a podcast. Evans’ analytical approach to the ever-evolving tech landscape makes his blog a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital.

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David G. Cohen

David G. Cohen, a self-proclaimed geeky ex-hacker turned investor and co founder of Techstars, writes this insightful blog. Cohen shares his personal stories and experiences on a variety of topics related to startups, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.

The blog has several categories including “Ask-The-Angel”, “Startups”, and “Venture Capital” to name a few. Readers will find posts discussing important concepts like mentorship in early stage startups, startup boards, and balancing vision with focus.

The blog also hosts the “Give First” podcast which brings insights for startups through interviews with different guests

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Hunter Walk

Hunter Walk’s blog is a blend of personal reflection and industry analysis.

From detailed analyses of long reads across different sectors to personal narratives of his experiences, Walk covers a wide array of topics.

In one post, he reflects on his career journey post the 2000 DotCom Crash, while another post shares a roundup of long reads from different sources. The blog would be a valuable read for those interested in understanding industry trends, getting personal insights, and exploring in-depth analysis of various topics.

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In the dynamic world of startups, staying informed about venture capital trends can be a game-changer.

Go find fresh ideas to boost your startup growth. For more startup growth, remember to check out our article on the best SEO agencies for startups.

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