17 Startups in the United Kingdom You Should Get to Know

At the beginning of this year, the UK has boasted 5.8 million small businesses.   This fact alone should be enough to leave you in awe – that’s more than the entire population of some European countries. Although it undoubtedly enjoys a pleasant business climate, and is home to many more than the 17 successful startups…

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Top 20 Software Startups in Charlotte NC

Top Charlotte Startups

The Top Startups Making a Splash in Charlotte   Charlotte North Carolina is home to a lot of software startups. When I say “startup”, what I specifically mean is an innovative company with high growth and scaling potential. I have compiled a list of the top software startups in Charlotte, North Carolina (and the close…

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14 Must Have Sales Tools For B2B SaaS Startups

sales tools for startups

Sales is the be-all and end-all for every startup. Without enough sales startups can’t generate the cash they need to survive, grow or attract investment. With most startups generating sales online, the amount of admin and data management for sales teams has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, many salespeople spend significantly more time setting up and managing…

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The Most Important Articles Ever Published by the AMA’s

After its establishment in 1937, the American Marketing Association (AMA) would grow into a formidable organization. The AMA is a professional association catering to people involved in the marketing industry. By 2012, It had 250 collegiate chapters and 76 professional chapters. Its membership stood at about 30,000 across the United States (Source). From 2003 to…

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6 Lessons Learned from Weblogs Inc and Jason Calacanis

“Jason Calacanis” by drewm is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 Weblogs, Inc. was a blog network established in 2003 by Jason Calacanis and Brian Alvey. The company published content on subjects ranging from tech news and video games to cars and pop culture. Calacanis has funded more than 70 startups, including Uber. He is the…

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Which Online Payment Solution Should Your Startup Use?

With a wide range of options and new players continuously entering the industry, it can be difficult to know which online payment solution will best compliment your startup’s ecommerce platform. We took our top choices in the market and break down the pro’s and con’s for you to help you make an informed choice. Before…

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